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IUCN Conservation Databases

IUCN contributes to the maintenance of a series of conservation databases.

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Conservation Action Tools

IUCN has developed a wealth of tools to support conservation action.  These tools are all available and, for some, in multiple languages.  If you are looking for a "how to" guide to help you tackle a conservation challenge, check out this list.

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Open Access Journals

IUCN promotes open access to conservation information. A selection of resources are available.
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Science Publications

IUCN is a science-based biodiversity conservation organization that is proud to support the work of scientists in our Members, Commissions and Secretariat.  Here we highlight the peer-reviewed journal articles relating to the thematic areas of IUCN's Programme that have been submitted to us by those scientists.  Lessons learned from research such as that outlined in these papers are important means by which we improve the effectiveness of IUCN's work.
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    Celebrating Biodiversity