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Bonobo (Pan paniscus): conservation strategy 2012-2022

This strategy aims to ensure the long-term protection of bonobos across their range through the implementation of conservation actions designed to reduce, and if possible eliminate, the direct threats and contributing factors that are causing bonobo populations to decline. Given the extremely difficult context (institutional, security, accessibility), particular effort was made to ensure that the choices of strategies and actions were pragmatic and realistic.


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> Bonobo (Pan paniscus): stratégie de conservation 2012–2022
Bonobo Conservation Strategy 2012-2022

Conservation des dunes côtières: restauration et gestion durables en Méditerranée occidentale

Les systèmes dunaires ont une distribution géographique mondiale. Cependant, ce livre est un recueil adapté aux dunes côtières de la Méditerranée occidentale. Il présente dans un premier temps un recueil de concepts de base sur la dynamique côtière, qui concerne à la fois les processus physiques (sédimentaires) et leur fonctionnement écologique, ainsi qu'une description des techniques de restauration potentielles. Ce manuel vise à approfondir les techniques de restauration des dunes côtières pour un coût réduit et un meilleur impact.

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Conservation des dunes côtières

Lebanon’s marine protected area strategy: supporting the management of important marine habitats and species in Lebanon

The intent of this strategy is to set the national priority actions needed for the establishment of new marine protected areas in Lebanon and for the proper management of existing and new marine protected areas (MPAs), and to define the type of interventions needed at technical, research, regulatory, policy, institutional, financial, educational, capacity building, communication and promotion levels.

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Guide to investing in locally controlled forestry

This guide is provides guidance on how to structure enabling investments and prepare the ground for asset investments that yield acceptable returns and reduced risk, not only for investors, but also for local forest right-holders, national governments and society at large. The volume sets out a framework for structuring investments with tactical advice for building the partnerships necessary for success. Also included are case studies of successful initiatives and a range of useful templates and sources for further information are provided.

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Guide to investing in locally controlled forestry

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