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Les champions de l'eau membres du réseau Oryx

A network of leaders created for the protection of the Lake Chad Basin

A new network of mediators to help anticipate and prevent conflicts related to the use of water resources and who also have as mandate to protect the rights of local actors in the Lake Chad Basin has been put in place. …  

15 Dec 2015 | News story

13A-068-027, Education Sensitization Meeting Chepu Sherbro Island,  Augustine Sesay, SOS Save Our Species, RAP SL, Sea Turtle conservation

Persistence pays with sea turtle education and sensitisation in Sierra Leone

“Community education and sensitisation meetings are considered integral for conservation projects such as ours," explains Edward Aruna (Eddie), project leader with RAP-SL, an SOS Grantee working to save Sierra Leone's sea turtles from over-harvesting, human disturbance and climate change. …  

14 Dec 2015 | News story

Photo de groupe des participants à la formation "Water diplomacy"

Local and National actors in the Lake Chad Basin upgrade their skills in conflict management and hydro-diplomacy

From creating national and Transboundary Platforms for the promotion of dialogue in the Lake Chad Basin, the different actors in the region have come together to upgrade their skills on Integrated Water Resources Management, IWRM and on how to prevent conflict associated with the use of shared water bodies. This was in a two-day workshop in Douala, Cameroon organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, IUCN within its Building River Dialogue and Governance, BRIDGE AFRICA, Project. …  

10 Dec 2015 | News story

Submerged Mangrove

Building the next level for coastal blue carbon action

Today, Australian Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt announced the establishment of an International Partnership for Blue Carbon. The partnership creates a collaborative network of governments, non-profit organisations, intergovernmental agencies, and scientists to scale up and amplify understanding of blue carbon and to accelerate action on the important role coastal blue carbon ecosystems play in climate change actions. …  

06 Dec 2015 | News story

Serengeti National Park

African approaches to tackling climate change: putting protected area solutions to work

A new publication launched today at the UN climate change conference in Paris highlights specific examples of how African protected areas can help communities and ecosystems adapt to climate change. …  

05 Dec 2015 | News story

Le logo du ReRao

Le RERAO diffuse sa première émission régionale sur le thème du changement climatique

 A l’occasion de la COP 21 qui a lieu à Paris du 30 novembre au 11 décembre, le Réseau des radios d'Afrique de l'Ouest pour l'Environnement (ReRao) a réalisé une émission sur la question du changement climatique qui permettra de jeter un regard ouest-africain sur la question. …  

04 Dec 2015 | News story

Destruction left by tropical storm Stan in Mexico

Blog: Water and climate change: Best available science or Greek tragedy?

By Mark Smith. Fire, earth, air and water. To the ancient Greeks, these were the keys to understanding the world around them. To modern-day climate negotiators? Not so much. …  

03 Dec 2015 | News story
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Water focus square

COP21: Climate change and water - interview with IUCN's Mark Smith

'Water and Climate Resilience' was the focus of the third day of the UN climate change conference in Paris. In this newly released video interview, Dr Mark Smith, Director of the IUCN Global Water Programme, talks about the key role water plays in the climate change debate.  …  

03 Dec 2015 | News story

Cérémonie d'ouverture du Comité Ministériel de Suivi (CMS) de la GIRE

ECOWAS water ministers agree to strengthen coordination, and approve water management infrastructure policy

On Friday 27 November 2015 the 4th session of the Ministerial Monitoring Committee of the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) initiative in West Africa was held in Dakar. The Ministerial Monitoring Committee reviewed progress in implementing IWRM in the region, discussed the initiatives carried out by the WRCU and its partners, defined the orientations for future activities and took steps to strengthen the opportunities for synergies. …   | French

30 Nov 2015 | News story

Fleuve Mono

Premier comité de pilotage de l’Autorité du Bassin du Mono

Du 12 au 14 novembre s’est tenu à Lomé au Togo le premier comité de pilotage de l’Autorité du Bassin du Mono. Il a permis d’évaluer les premières études qui permettront l’operationnalisation de l’institution. …  

18 Nov 2015 | News story

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