IUCN has been involved in the CBD since its drafting and through its further development. IUCN has fed into COP decisions through its policy work at the global, regional and national levels, helping to ensure that they are as effective as possible to achieve the CBD objectives. Further, for some issues, COP and SBSTTA – the technical body of the Convention – have made explicit calls for collaboration with IUCN.

All parts of the IUCN Secretariat have been participating in and supporting the CBD process, while using the CBD as a channel to promote their policies and technical experience, and to foster action on the ground, in collaboration with Membership. So far, IUCN has produced several policy papers, background papers for 11 CBD meetings, involving most technical programmes and Regional Offices and an increasing number of Members.

IUCN's work with the CBD for the coming years consists inter-alia of:

  • influence the CBD negotiations to promote conservation in a synergistic manner, through the development and advocacy of policy papers and the promotion of regional and national positions, in a consultative process that involves IUCN global and regional programmes and IUCN members and partners;
  • empowerment of relevant stakeholders, in particular the enhancement of regional and national capacities to participate in the CBD process and implement its provisions and provision of mechanisms for stakeholder participation;
  • in addition IUCN continously supports different areas of the CBD work plan with technical analysis as for example concerning: Protected Areas, Species, Marine Biodiversity.