Participants of the Nam Lik Workshop

Consultation Workshop on Logical Framework approach of the Nam Lik River Basin Management Plan

The Water Resources Department and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, through the Vientiane Provincial Natural Resources and Department Division 

27 Nov 2013 | News story

Scorched earth: Seen from Kaigan Park, cleanup and waste-separation efforts continue on the Arahama plain east of Sendai two and a half years after the tsunami triggered by the Great East Japan earthquake.

Sendai Charter to aid conservation across Asia

 By Stephen Hesse …  

27 Nov 2013 | Article
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Inaugural Session in Guwahati, Assam

Water Futures in South Asia – Time for closer cooperation

The Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna (GBM), the three major rivers in South Asia, along with their tributaries drain an area of about 1.75 million square kilometers and have direct impact on around 620 million people.  Today more than ever, cooperation is needed to meet the water-related needs of the growing population in the basin for food production, energy, industrial and domestic uses and sustain it’s ecology. Thus water cooperation between Bangladesh and India  can be nurtured through dialogue and people-to-people contact between these two neighbouring countries. …  

27 Nov 2013 | Article

Taller Nacional de Recursos Genéticos Asociados a los Conocimientos Tradicionales de los Pueblos Indígenas y Comunidades Locales. Ecuador, 2013

Recursos genéticos y conocimientos tradicionales: más aportes para la normativa de Ecuador

El taller facilitó el diálogo entre los actores involucrados; contó con la participación de líderes de pueblos indígenas y organizaciones de afroecuatorianos y montubios, así como representantes del Estado …  

26 Nov 2013 | News story
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Okapi (Okapia johnstoni)

Forest giraffe joins growing number of threatened species

The Okapi – a national symbol of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, also known as the “forest giraffe” – and the sub-Saharan White-winged Flufftail – one of Africa’s rarest birds – are now on the brink of extinction, according to the latest update of The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. Two species of albatross, the Leatherback Turtle and the Island Fox native to California’s Channel Islands are showing signs of recovery. …   | French | Dutch

26 Nov 2013 | News story

Jane Lawton, Head of Communications, IUCN Asia

Blog: Talk of rivers and flooded forests

By Jane Lawton, Head of Communications, IUCN Asia. The word ‘dialogue’ may be somewhat overused in our development lexicon, but the recent meeting of the Mekong Water Dialogues I attended in Siem Reap, Cambodia provided a powerful example of what we really mean by effective dialogue in action. …  

25 Nov 2013 | News story

Congreso Mundial de Parques 2014

El Congreso Mundial de Parques 2014 de la UICN abre sus inscripciones

Del 12 al 19 de noviembre de 2014 se celebrará en Sídney, Australia, el principal congreso mundial en áreas protegidas, con el tema “Los Parques, la gente y el planeta: soluciones inspiradoras”. El evento estará guiado por los temas de trabajo de la UICN: Valoración y conservación de la naturaleza, Gobernanza efectiva y equitativa del uso de recursos naturales, y Soluciones basadas en la naturaleza para el clima, la alimentación y el desarrollo …  

25 Nov 2013 | News story
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Couverture du document de capitalisation du programme PREMI

Capitalization of the experience of mainstreaming the environment in poverty alleviation policies

Ecosystem conservation and yours sustainable exploitation contributes to poverty alleviation. A concrete idea which is not sufficiently considered in the development strategies of countries in West Africa. Through the Initiative for Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management (PREMI), implemented from 2009 to 2012, IUCN-PACO aimed at influencing policy and practice through dialogue and dissemination of innovative responses. This new publication, the capitalization of PREMI programme, re-examines achievements, lessons learned and challenges of its implementation. …   | French

25 Nov 2013 | News story
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Forest and Farm Facility - Logo

First international gathering of forest producer organizations underway

The representatives of farmer and forest producer organizations from around the world are gathering today at an international conference held in Guilin, China. The meeting represents the first of its kind in giving the world’s many millions of smallholder farmer and community forest producers an opportunity to have their voices heard at a global level. With a large part of the Earth’s surface affected by forest producer activities, the conference will seek to support forest producers in improving sustainable management of forest landscapes. …  

25 Nov 2013 | News story

Richard Cellarius, USA

CEESP Deputy Chair Richard Cellarius appointed to the IUCN-ICMM Review of Biodiversity Performance Project Steering Committee

After over 10 years of interaction, IUCN and the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) have commenced a project to review the outcomes of that interaction, i.e., to evaluate improvements in ICMM members’ biodiversity performance. The plan is to have a report prepared for presentation at the 2014 World Parks Congress. …  

25 Nov 2013 | Article
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