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Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean is a unique region. Home to high levels of biodiversity, including remarkable species and ecosystems that are found nowhere else on earth, its natural services benefit not just the region but the entire world.

Alongside its diverse ecosystems that include wetlands, seagrass beds, fisheries, coral reefs and tropical forests, this region has a rich cultural heritage represented by indigenous peoples who harbour a vast reservoir of traditional knowledge.

However, this natural and cultural richness is threatened by poverty, inequity and a host of environmental challenges that hamper efforts to achieve sustainable development.

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News and stories from the region

Dr Grethel Aguilar

Pointing the way to conservation and equity in Central America

Interview with Dr. Grethel Aguilar R. Director, IUCN Mesoamerica-Caribbean. …  

05 Nov 2012 | Article

Tacaná River Basin

Buying water security in Guatemala

In response to deforestation and watershed erosion around the Tacaná volcano on the Mexican-Guatemalan border, IUCN has launched the Living Water Partnership. The plan sees communities reinvest a portion of revenues from water-dependent economic productivity back into a conservation fund. …  

05 Nov 2012 | Article

Leyendas del agua- Guatemala

Renewable energy led by communities

In Guatemala where the construction of hydroelectric dams is a big issue, Fundacion Solar, an IUCN Member, is sharing its ideas and experience of developing small-scale renewable energy sources involving local communities. …  

06 Sep 2012 | Article


Promoting a Caribbean Red List

For countries and regions to implement the myriad conservation policies that come under the various international environmental agreements they need high-quality information to determine the conservation status of species. …   | French

06 Nov 2012 | Article

Tales of Water a Childs view Mexico 2005

Conserving water across borders in Central America

Organizations from Guatemala and Mexico met recently to exchange their experience in managing shared river basins such as those of the Tacana Volcano region. …  

06 Nov 2012 | Article

El Salvador

Policy advocacy for conservation and sustainable development

In 2005 IUCN’s Regional Office for Mesoamerica and the Caribbean began to implement an advocacy fund for the NGO sector to contribute to environmental management in the region. …  

06 Nov 2012 | Article

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