National and Regional Committees

Members within a country or region often organize themselves into National and Regional Committees to facilitate cooperation and help coordinate the Union's work. The extract from the Statutes and Regulations below explains the framework for National and Regional Committees and Regional Fora.

Extract from the Statutes and Regulations

These Committees are of great importance for both the Members and the Secretariat . Regional Members’ Meetings are organized jointly by the Secretariat and the Regional Committees. They offer Members the opportunity to contribute to the development of the IUCN programme and policy, as well as to prepare them for the World Conservation Congress, the highest organ of IUCN. National and Regional Committees are the best means for all components of the Union to truly interact and for you to influence and contribute to the Union’s work.

Joining National and Regional Committees

If you have not yet done so, we encourage you to make contact with the IUCN National Committee in your country/region. Both existing Members and potential Members are encouraged to contact the Committees.

If such a Committee does not exist, you may wish to consider creating one in consultation with the other Members in your country. Please contact your Membership Focal Point for more details.

Please find the contact details for National and Regional Committees by clicking on the relevant Statutory Region below:

Contact details for National and Regional Committees
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Reports to Congress from IUCN National & Regional Committees