Piet Wit,
Assistant to Chair: Dominique Noome,

Deputy Chair
Angela Andrade,

Vice Chair Drylands & Wetlands
Birguy Lamizana,

Vice Chair
Said Damhoureyeh,

Vice Chair Marine and Coastal Ecosystems

Kelvin Passfield,

Vice Chair Resilience and Social Learning
Steve Edwards,



RC South East Asia 
Khun Sansanee Choowaew,

RC South Asia
Madhav B. Karki,
Co-Chair, Sema Purushothaman,

RC North East Asia
Yu Xiubo,

RC West/Central Asia 
Muhammad Zaheer Khan,
Co-Chair, Tamer Khafaga,

RC Meso America 
Bernal Herrera-Fernandez,

RC South America
Andrea Michelson,
Co-Chair, Stanley Arguedas Mora,

RC North America & Caribbean
Charlotte Moser,

RC Oceania
Pete Smith,

RC Western Europe
Jabier Ruiz-Mirazo,

RC Eastern Europe 
Kalev Sepp,

RC Southern & East Africa
Hillary Masundire,

RC West Africa
Jean-Marie Ouadba,

RC Central Africa
Jean Ngog Nje,

RC Northern Africa
Brahim Haddane,

National Focal Points

Netherlands: Hilde Geerling, hilde.geerling@gmailcom
Mexico: Carlos Garcia-Saez,
France:  Pauline Teillac-Deschamps,


Thematic Groups

  1. Red List of Ecosystems - Jon Paul Rodriguez  ( & David Keith ( SC focal point Piet Wit
  2. Landscape Management - Kalev Sepp ( SC focal point Piet Wit
  3. Climate Change Adaptation - Liette Vasseur ( SC focal point Angela Andrade
  4. Eco-Disaster Risk Reduction (Eco-DRR) - Karen Sudmeier &
    Jyotiraj (Raj) Patra( & ( SC focal point Angela Andrade
  5. Ecosystem Services - Emmanuelle Cohen-Shacham  (, Co-lead Sasha Alexander ( & Special Advisor
    Dolf de Groot ( SC focal point Steve Edwards
  6. Drylands Ecosystems - Peter Laban ( SC focal point Birguy Lamizana
  7. Island Ecosystems - Rebecca Richardson ( SC focal point Kelvin Passfield
  8. Wetland Ecosystems - Claudio Baigun ( & Khun Sansanee Choowaew ( focal point Birguy Lamizana
  9. Mountain Ecosystems - Martin Price ( focal point Angela Andrade
  10. Ecosystem Restoration - Keith Bowers ( & Brock Blevins ( SC focal point Steve Edwards
  11. Ecosystems and the Private Sector - Jacob Park (parkj@greenmtn.eduSC focal point Piet Wit
  12. Coastal Ecosystems Group - Jean-Jacques Goussard ( & Mathieu Ducrocq ( SC focal point Kelvin Passfield
  13. Holarctic Steppes - Tatyana Bragina ( & Karsten Wesche ( SC focal poin Piet Wit
  14. Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems Group (MTEG) - Peggy Fiedler ( and Chen Yin Noah ( SC focal point Said Damhoureyeh
  15. Ecosystèmes Oasiens - Mohamed BEN SALAH ( SC focal point Birguy Lamizana
  16. Invasive Species & Ecosystems -Judy Fisher ( SC focal point Kelvin Passfield
  17. Peatland Ecosystems - Clifton Bain ( & Maria Nuutinen ( SC focal point Piet Wit
  18. Deep Sea Ecosystems & Mining - Malcolm Clark ( SC focal point Kelvin Passfield
  19. Arctic Ecosystem Management Thematic Group - Jean Thie ( SC focal point Steve Edwards
  20. Resilience Thematic Group - Mike Jones ( SC focal point Steve Edwards
  21. Nanomaterials & Ecosystems Thematic Group - Khara Grieger ( SC focal point Piet Wit
  22. Sustainable Use & Management of Ecosystems - Robert Kenward ( SC focal point Steve Edwards
  23. CEM Young Professional Network (YPN) - Shalini Dhyani & Md. Siddiqur Rahman ( ( SC focal point Said Damhoureyeh



NETWORKS (not open to all members)

  1. Fisheries Expert Group - Serge Garcia & Despina Symons ( (
    SC focal point : Kelvin Passfield
  2. Urban Task Force - Weiqi Zhou (Lead) (
    SC focal point: Piet Wit
  3. Ecosystem Based Acquaculture Group (EbAG)- François Simard ( SC focal point: Kelvin Passfield


Gill Shepherd ( Special Advisor on Ecosystems & Landscapes

David Pitt ( Focal Point for Antarctic

Dashka Tserendeleg (  Focal Point for Cultural Matters and member of Inter Commission Task Force on Cultural Affairs and Biodiversity Conservation

Stamatis Chondrogiannis
( Special Advisor Green Cities

Willem Ferwerda ( Special Advisor Business and Ecosystems -

Maarten Bijleveld van Lexmond ( CEM-SSC Task Force on Systemic Pesticides




Ecosystem Management Programme Staff

Edmund G C Barrow,

Membership and Communications
Patricia Hawes,