IUCN Asia’s Regional Species and Biodiversity Programme aims to promote conservation and equitable and sustainable use of biodiversity in the Asia region which harbors one third of the recognized biodiversity hot spots of the world and 60% of the world’s human population. The RSBP takes the approach of promoting practices that would maximize positive links between sustainable ecosystem management and the livelihoods of people that depend on these biological resources. Our work involves providing technical support for country programmes in Asia to conduct conservation status assessments of species and species conservation management plans for the threatened species, providing technical support to countries to implement multilateral environmental agreements, building capacity to conduct integrated biodiversity assessments and developing knowledge tools that will facilitate efficient management of biodiversity.

We strive to:

  • Promote conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Asia
  • Promote the importance of sustainable ecosystem management and livelihoods
  • Conserve threatened species
  • Build capacity for efficient implementation of multilateral environmental agreements by member countries
  • Build capacity for efficient management of biodiversity

We provide technical support to IUCN secretariats, commissions, members, development organizations, private sector and project partners with respect to conservation of species and their habitats. We also provide training on integrated assessment techniques, conservation status assessment of species, developing species conservation plans, and ecosystem rehabilitation. We have also developed many knowledge products including web portals, multi media tools, best practices guidelines and publications to support efficient management of natural resources. We also work with developmental agencies to integrate sustainable ecosystem management to ensure better livelihoods for people as well as to reduce disaster risks. We work with IUCN county offices in South Asia and South-East Asia and development sector organizations such as CARE International.

Scott Perkin, Ph.D.
Head, Natural Resources Group, Asia
IUCN Asia Regional Office
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