People and Landscapes


Stewards Rising

Improving Community Resilience through Nature-Based Solutions


Tales of Water from the Pangani River Basin

An overview of the importance of water and the water challenges facing communities within the Pangani River Basin in north eastern Tanzania.

‘Tales of Water: A Child's View’ is a multimedia project (photographs, film, TV, print, education, internet) by the Foundation Tales of Water. The Foundation takes up actual water issues by having children from all over the world tell their stories and experiences with water.

Restoring Kenya's drylands

IUCN's work to restore local rights in the Garba Tula dryland district in North-East Kenya.


Adapting to climate change in Zambia

Droughts and floods caused by climate change in Zambia have seriously affected subsistence farmers in the country.

Ormond Musonda, from the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, spoke to IUCN’s Senja Vaatainen and Excellent Hachileka about the climate change adaptation strategies being implemented in Zambia to help farmers cope with the changing conditions.