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Fadi Shraideh

Fadi Shraideh

IUCN ROWA Regional Director

A Jordanian national, Fadi has held the position of Regional Director ad-interim at the Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA), based in Amman, Jordan since July 2013. He has been and will continue to be responsible for leading the activities of the Union in West Asia.

Fadi has extensive experience as a manager in the non-profit sector working for International non-profit organizations interacting with government and civil society in the West Asia and North African Region.

Fadi is an economist and has extensive years of experience working in natural resources management in the MENA region. Lately his main experience has been with the NGO sector as he has spent the last seventeen years working for International NGOs interacting with the governments, civil society and local communities in the West Asia and North Africa Region. This work has included the development and subsequent management of Long Range Strategic Plans, development and management of development projects in Integrated water resources management, natural resources management, Climate change resilience, water governance, right based approaches, poverty alleviation and gender. 

Fadi joined IUCN in 2007 as Deputy Coordinator for the Water Resources and Dry-lands Programme (REWARD). He was responsible for managing the IUCN REWARD demonstration projects in the WANA region. He is the focal point for all water and dry-lands related and climate resilience matters in IUCN ROWA regarding policy, programme development, resource mobilization and representation. He has lead the development of the IUCN`s efforts in water and dry-lands by providing overall vision and guidance, to later become the IUCN ROWA’s Regional Programs Development Manager.

Tel: + 962 6 5546912/3/4 (ext 102)

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Sami Jaouni

Finance Officer

Sami joined the IUCN ROWA team mid 2014 as a Finance Officer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Jordan and has more than 9 years of experience as an auditor.
Before joining IUCN, Sami worked as an Acting Audit Assistant Manager in Ernst & Young in Jordan and as a Senior External Auditor in Deloitte & Touche in UAE.
His work included planning of the audit engagement of the concerned clients, reporting the audit executives. His experience was in different auditing such as Manufacturing, Investments, Crushers, Constructions and Special assignments at NGOs.

Tel: + 962 6 5546912/3/4 (ext 109)



Muatsem M. Al-Sawa'i

Muatsem Al Sawa'i

Senior Accountant and Budget Assistant

Muatsem joined the IUCN ROWA team mid 2014 as a Senior Accountant and Budget Assistant. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking from the Al Al-Bayt University and has more than 7 years of experience as an accountant and 6 years of experience as a finance officer.
Before joining IUCN, Muatsem worked as a Finance Officer in the International Relief & Development and as a Finance Officer in USAID Fiscal Reform Project in Jordan. He was also a Senior Accountant in the Arabella Factory and a Junior Accountant in Century Wear in Jordan.
His work included handling financial reports to the management on project reports, income statement, cash flow statement, cash budget, balance sheet and cost analysis. He is capable of using several accounting programs such as Sun System, M.Y.O.P, ACCPAC, QuickBooks, and Peachtree. He was also able to develop his own accounting program using Excel.

Tel: + 962 6 5546912/3/4 (ext 114)

Mufleh Abbadi, Zarqa River Restoration Project Coordinator, REWARD Programme

Mufleh Al Abbadi

Programme Manager - Water & Climate Change Programme

Mufleh Abbadi Joined IUCN ROWA in July 2008. He Holds a Bachelors degree in Agriculture Engineering (Soil and Irrigation) from University of Mosel in Iraq. He has 13 years of extensive experience in the field of Integrated water resource management. Before joining IUCN, Mufleh has worked for both Governmental and non-Governmental sectors. He worked at Care international for 5 years and 8 years at Ministry of Agriculture in Jordan. Mufleh was the Natural Resources Management Coordinator in Care International. He is also specialized in project Management, community development, Permaculture, Small scale credit scheme, right-based and gender programming. He designed, conducted and facilitated many training workshops. He also developed Water Management Information Systems and water strategic plans for Balqa Governorate in Jordan. In addition, Mufleh has demonstrated several Permaculture sites, and developed local water strategic plans.

Tel: +962 6 5546912/3/4 (ext 106)

Fidaa Haddad, Azraq Oasis Restoration Project Coordinator, REWARD Programme

Fidaa Haddad

Programme Manager - Drylands, Livelihoods & Gender Programme

Fidaa Haddad has extensive experiences as a development worker in the field of water management and gained a strong practical knowledge in development operations. Since 2002, Fidaa has worked at Care International in Jordan, interacting with the civil society sector. Her work included the development and the management of long range strategic plans through facilitation, coordination and communication. Her expertise spreads over a number of sectors including agriculture and natural resources, small scale credit schemes; civil rights programs and gender training. Fidaa holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from the Jordan University for Science and Technology.

Tel: +962 6 5546912/3/4 (ext 115)

Ziad Samaha

Ziad Samaha

Programme Manager - Marine and Coastal Zones Management Programme

Ziad joined the IUCN ROWA team mid 2013 and is responsible for managing the Marine and Coastal Zones Management programme as well as designing and delivering an expanded technical programme for IUCN at the regional level in West Asia. 

Ziad has founded and headed the Purple Reef, a leading marine conservation and livelihood support Non-governmental Organization in Lebanon. Prior to this, he successfully established and lead Marketing departments in the private sector before entirely dedicating his life to Planet Blue.

Ziad holds a bachelor’s degree in Political science and Public Administration Management from the American University of Beirut. Culturally sensitive, having experienced various communities in Europe, Middle East and East Asia, passionate about connecting the people to the sea with more than 15 years of experience in scuba diving exploration and training with sound experience in strategic direction of non-profit association and program development. He has also contributed to the success of a number of development projects and initiatives with the United Nations Development Program, HANDICAP International and Greenpeace Mediterranean.

Ziad is based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Hani El Shaer

Hany El Shaer

Programme Manager - Protected Areas, World Heritage and Business & Biodiversity Programme

Hany El Shaer has joined the IUCN ROWA team in late 2013, and has more than 12 years of experience in protected areas management, biodiversity conservation, environmental impact assessments, environmental monitoring, geographical information system, remote sensing and nature resources valuation.

He holds a PhD in Environmental Studies from the University of Alexandria in Egypt, an MSc in Environment and sustainable development from Oxford Brookes University in England, postgraduate diploma in marine environment, postgraduate diploma in environmental management, and a BA in geographical information system from Alexandria University.

He has previous experience working with IUCN and the Ministry of Environment in Lebanon to develop a marine protected areas network and marine protected areas strategy in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders. He has recognized experiences in project management and marine environmental studies. Previously, he worked in the Nature Conservation Sector at the Ministry of Environment in Egypt and gained good experience in: protected areas management, reviewing the EIAs of the environmental management area of Ras Mohammed National Park (Sharm El Sheikh), putting the mitigations to reduce the impacts and building a geographical data base for the south Sinai protectorates.


 0096265546912-3-4 ext 113

Sameeh Nuimat

Sameeh Nuimat

Project Coordinator - SWIM Project Water & Climate Change Programme

 Sameeh Joined IUCN ROWA in late 2012. He Holds a masters degree in water demand management and a Bachelors in Soil and Irrigation from the University of Jordan . He has extensive experience in the project management in international organizations and has previously worked at the ministry of agriculture.

Before joining IUCN, he worked for both Governmental and non-Governmental sectors. He was the Research Coordinator in Care International and therefore has expertiese in natural resource management and water management.


Tel: +962 6 5546912/3/4 (ext 104)


Haifaa Abdulhalim

World Heritage Coordinator


Haifaa Abdulhalim is responsible on coordinating IUCN’s work on Tabe’a World Heritage Program (طبيعة) for Arab region and West Asia, and providing all possible supports and technical guidance in regard the Convention and its implementation.
Haifaa joined IUCN as project assistant, then became permanent staff for Protected Areas Programme. In 2008, while she was working in the programme; she started her work on supporting IUCN's role in World Heritage Convention in the Arab States and West Asia region. In response to the regions need, IUCN established a regional representation for World Heritage Programme and delegated it to her. This representation was created upon IUCN’s strategy responding to the region needs and demands, for deepen IUCN’s contribution in the implementation of the convention.
Haifaa finished her study in “Heritage Resources Management” from Hashemite University in 2006, then she is continuing her study at University of Liverpool in “International Management of Oil and Gas industries” and expected to graduated in 2016. 

Tel: +962 6 5546912/3/4 (ext 123)


Lubna Qaryouti - Project Coordinator

Lubna Qaryouti

Project Coordinator - Protected Areas, World Heritage & Business Programme

 Lubna joined the IUCN ROWA team in February 2015 as a Project Coordinator. She holds a master’s degree in watershed Management and Eco-Hydrology from University of Arizona and has 4 years of experience in dryland management and 8 years in GIS/ Spatial analysis.

Before joining IUCN, Lubna has worked for different governmental, semi-governmental and international organizations starting from Ministry of Agriculture as head of information Section, Hashemite Fund for Development of Jordan Badia (HFDJB) as GIS Expert and The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) as research assistant for soil and water conservation (IWLMP). She participated as contributing Author in many environmental and agricultural related reports and strategies.


Tel: +962 6 5546912/3/4 (ext. 123)

Amer Maadat

Amer Madat

Project Coordinator - Drylands, Livelihood & Gender Programme

Amer has excellent knowledge in managing and facilitating development projects and coordinating nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and community based organizations (CBO) activities. This includes a wide experience in coordinating the activities of local communities with governmental and nongovernmental organizations at various levels through direct project involvement and surveying.

Amer holds an Agricultural Engineering Degree and is experienced in Stakeholder Dialogue and Conflict Resolution participatory tools at different levels.

Amer has previously worked with the Arab Women Organization (AWO) one of IUCN ROWAs partners and members, and later joined IUCN ROWA team in 2012. Amer is currently working on the Drylands, Livelihood & Gender Programme. 

Tel: +962 6 5546912/3/4 (ext 120)

Saleh Azzam, Procurement and Logistics Associate

Saleh Azzam

Admin, Procurement and Logistics Officer

Saleh has a BA degree in Business Administration from Madras University, India 1989- 1993. He joined IUCN in June 2004 Administrative and HR assistant. Before joining IUCN Saleh worked a number of years as Logistical Officer at American Arab Company and built his experience in the field of administration, human resources and procurement through working in the commercial sector and nongovernmental organizations in Jordan.
Saleh Azzam main duties at IUCN – ROWA are:
Preparation and monitoring all event and workshops in the ROWA region.
Provide all logistical support to programme and staff.
Prepare all travel and accommodation needed for all ROWA staff
Handles all issues related to procurement in the West Asia Region Office.
In charge for all kind of insurance at ROWA Office

Tel: + 962 6 5546912/3/4 (ext 117)

Ola Mallah, Membership Assistant

Ola Mallah

Membership Coordinator

Ola Mallah has joined IUCN ROWA in 2004 as a Secretary and Administration Assistant along with the establishment of the regional office in Jordan. She has been promoted in 2007 to become the IUCN Membership Focal Point and Administrative Assistant and then Constituency Administrator in 2010. With this new position Ola handles all issues related to promoting the IUCN membership in the West Asia Region, including membership applications, dues and the admission processes. Ola organizes Regional and National Membership Committees' events such as workshops, congresses and regional fora. She fosters linkages between members and IUCN regional office. Before joining IUCN team, Ola worked as a graphic designer in the Jordan Modern International Trade & Investment Company in Amman among others. She holds a Travel & Tourism Diploma from the Arab College in Jordan.

Tel: + 962 6 5546912/3/4 (ext 103)


Diab Sulaiman

General Services Assistant


WAME Staff

Hala Juma'a

Office Assistant