Our vision

Lesser bird of Paradise, Wendesi, West Papua


The world will have more extensive, more diverse and higher quality forest landscapes. These will meet human needs and aspirations fairly, while conserving biological diversity and fulfilling ecosystem functions necessary for all life on earth.

The long-term objectives of the Programme as originally developed in the IUCN/WWF Forests For Life Policy in 1996 and then reaffirmed at the 2nd World Conservation Congress in Amman in 2000 (see 'Reaffirming the Vision') are:

ü  To establish a network of ecologically representative, socially beneficial and effectively managed forest protected areas

ü  To achieve environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests outside protected areas

ü  To develop and implement environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial programmes to restore deforested and degraded forest landscapes

ü  To protect forests from pollution and global warming by reducing polluting emissions and managing forests for resilience to climate change

ü  To ensure that political and commercial decisions taken in other sectors safeguard forest resources and result in a fair distribution of associated costs and benefits.

View of logging road in the Cameroon Forests