Batwa women and children show their pottery wares, Burundi

La UICN celebra el Año Internacional de los Bosques

24 de enero de 2011. Súmense a nosotros para celebrar las maravillas de los bosques del planeta – nuestras selvas, bosques, manglares – y lo que significan para el bienestar de la humanidad y del planeta. Las Naciones Unidas proclamaron el año 2011 como Año Internacional de los Bosques, y la UICN contribuye a concienciar acerca del papel central que éstos desempeñan, entre otras cosas como fuentes de seguridad alimentaria y medios de subsistencia para más de 1.600 millones de personas.

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Gorilla in Volcano National Park, Rwanda

NEWS: Rwanda – restoring nature for future prosperity

The Rwandan government’s plans to restore the country’s lost forest lands and boost national development, show real political commitment to deal with ecosystem degradation and its impacts on the rural poor, says IUCN.

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Logs from managed forests in Tunisia

NEW YORK DIARY: daily update from the UN Forum on Forests

IUCN's delegation's inside view on what's happening and an insight into the key issues at stake.

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Miyun County, Beijing China

ON THE GROUND: Closer to forests, out of poverty

The forests that provide most of Beijing’s water are being given a new lease of life by the partial lifting of a logging quota for the first time in 20 years.

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  • Green parrot

IUCN Director General talks about the International Year of Forests.

  • Batwa women and children show their pottery wares, Burundi
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