A green building

Building green standards

The building is designed to incorporate a series of innovative green building techniques while operating within tight cost constraints. Functional, economic, and architectural criteria were used as the basis for the design.

To leverage these criteria, building components need to serve multiple purposes. In addition, a minimal amount of material and technology is used throughout the design while maximizing the quality of the working environment and the building’s energy performance.

An expert team of sustainable architects, partners, consultants and engineers were chosen and tasked with design and building standards which meet the highest levels of certification with both LEED and MINERGIE-P.This building exemplifies how development and sustainability can co-exist and highlights what sustainable construction can accomplish in terms of energy and material use.


Outdoor Atrium
• An outdoor terrace, partially enclosed, for receptions and events.

Think Tank
• The largest conference space located on the top floor.
• Capacity 150 with elevator access and kitchen facilities; spectacular views of the lake and alps.

Natural Garden
• Visitors experience the natural beauty of local flora and fauna just outside our office door in the spectacular natural garden; tours will be available.

Partners Wing
• A Partners Wing accommodates member and partner organizations. Being physically closer to the IUCN community fosters synergies and collaboration on global conservation issues. Interested organizations should contact IUCN for information on office space availability and rental charges.