By Engagement

Our priority is to engage the business sectors in which change is most important and urgent, due to the scale of their negative impacts on the environment and social equity. These businesses are likely to fall into one of the following four broad categories.

Large footprint Industries

Mining oil and gas, construction, automobile and energy – tend to have large impacts on biodiversity through their operations and processes. Therefore, these sectors represent the main target for IUCN to approach and to help transform their biodiversity risk into conservation opportunities.

Biodiversity-dependent Industries

This includes productive sectors that use and entirely depend on products and services from nature. For example agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food retailing aquaculture, can potentially have negative impacts on biodiversity.

Biodiversity Finance

Given the vast amounts of capital that financial services, banks, and insurance companies control, the leveraging potential for projects that conserve rather than impact on biodiversity is enormous.

Developing Green Enterprises

Green enterprises are businesses whose activities lead to conservation benefits, these include: renewable energy, sustainable and organic agriculture, nature-based tourism and ethical trade.

IUCN Business Collaborations