Coastal Blue Carbon Manual cover

Coastal Blue Carbon Manual

Coastal Blue Carbon step by step - A new manual for measuring, assessing and analyzing carbon in the field and lab …  

21 Oct 2014 | Downloads - publication

Air pollution gives rise to acidification of the oceans

IUCN releases new guidance document on ocean acidification policy and governance options

IUCN has today released a guidance document to help conservation professionals better understanding the ocean acidification policy and governance landscape. The publication also issues recommendations on how this important issue can better be tackled collaboratively at an international level. …  

03 Jul 2014 | Downloads - publication

Marine Natural Heritage and the World Heritage List

Marine Natural Heritage and the World Heritage List

Interpretation of World Heritage criteria in marine systems, analysis of biogeographic representation of sites, and a roadmap for addressing gaps. …  

23 Oct 2013 | Downloads - publication

Monitoring Marine Invasive Species in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

Monitoring Marine Invasive Species in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

A strategy and practical guide for managers …  

25 Jul 2013 | Downloads - publication

IUCN-WWF cover MPA guide publication

Guide for quick evaluation of management in Mediterranean MPAs

According to a recent survey conducted by the MedPAN Association over 80 Mediterranean marine protected areas (MPA) more than half of them did not yet have a management plan for the sites and 75% of the Natura 2000 sites (in EU countries) still did not have a management body. In order to reinforce the effectiveness of Mediterranean marine protected areas and to achieve a more unified approach, the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation and WWF-Italy have worked in close collaboration with MPA managers to create an inclusive yet synthetic tool to assess MPA management. …   | French | Spanish

03 Jul 2013 | Downloads - publication

Bursatella leachii, invasive species in the Mediterranean

A new strategy to fight sea invaders in the Mediterranean

As alien species from the Red Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and beyond find new habitats in the Mediterranean, the new guide by the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation provides the clues to the most dangerous invasive marine fauna and flora and pinpoints towards best management options to control and eradicate them from marine protected areas.   | French | Spanish

14 Jun 2013 | Downloads - publication

Bering Strait Region - Workshop II Report

Workshop Report - Improved Management of the Bering Strait

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) have undertaken a cooperative project to identify measures that could be adopted to protect important areas of the Bering Strait region, including ecologically and biologically sensitive areas (EBSAs) and to explore ways in which such measures might be implemented. 

03 May 2013 | Downloads - publication

An Ecosystem Approach to
Management of Seamounts in
the Southern Indian Ocean

An Ecosystem Approach to Management of Seamounts in the Southern Indian Ocean

Within the framework of an IUCN/GEF/UNDP Southern Indian Ocean (SIO) Project, IUCN organized in Rome, on 16–17 July 2012, a Management Workshop on conservation and management measures applicable to high seas areas in the SIO. The objectives were to: (i) define the different elements of a governance plan for the region (specific objectives, actors, actions required for its implementation); and (ii) discuss ways towards achieving an operational management plan for the SIO (develop considerations for an ecosystem approach, identify options for monitoring, control and surveillance, etc.). …  

05 Apr 2013 | Downloads - publication

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Lebanon's Marine Protected Areas Strategy

Lebanon's Ministry of Environment and IUCN with the support of partners such as the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas and UN Development Programme have brought forward a Marine Protected Areas Strategy aimed at achieving a healthy, productive, and biologically diverse marine environment in Lebanese waters. …   | French | Spanish

10 Jan 2013 | Downloads - publication

Conservacion y desarrollo sostenible del mar de Alboran

Conservación y desarrollo sostenible del mar de Alborán / Conservation et développement durable de la mer d’Alboran

Elementos estratégicos para su futura gestión / Éléments stratégiques pour sa gestion future …  

20 Dec 2012 | Downloads - publication