“Integrating Borders”: Informational Video on the Binational Work of Costa Rica and Panama

23 January 2013 | News story

The video “Integrating Borders” recounts the history, activities and future course of the Costa Rica-Panama Convention on Border Development

January 2013. The Costa Rica-Panama Convention on Border Development was signed May 3, 1992, in the community of Sixaola, Republic of Costa Rica, by Costa Rican President Rafael Angel Calderón Fournier and the President of the Republic of Panama, Guillermo Endara G.

As stated in the Convention, the objective is to expand, improve and deepen cooperation relations in all areas, and to contribute significantly to social, economic, commercial, environmental and political development and improvement in general of the border region, and to strengthen the process of integration between the two countries.

The video “Integrating Borders” is a historical and informational account of what the Border Convention is, main actions that have been and will be implemented, and all of the participatory binational coordination between Costa Rica and Panama during the last two decades.

This activity is framed within the alliance forged between the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Executive Secretariats of the Costa Rica-Panama Border Convention, as part of the projects “BRIDGE: Building River Dialogue and Governance” (supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation -SDC) and “Water Management for Adaptation to Climate Change” (Supported by the German government through ICI-BMU)

To watch the video click here

For more information write to nazareth.porras@iucn.org

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