Every minute a decision is made that affects the future well-being of people, plants and animals. More sustainable approaches can be gained through professional development.

Learning is the key to transforming the day-to-day way that people treat the planet. It is the link between knowledge and action, between knowing and doing. More opportunities for learning are urgently needed, from accredited courses to on-the-job training. CEC wants to build capacity in communications, learning and knowledge management. We seek high-quality content and experience from all regions and create opportunities to place these skills and solutions in the hands of people at work.

Over many years, our work in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) has evolved from a focus on environmental education into the interactive and participatory realm of new learning for sustainability. CEC is working to establish the World Conservation Learning Network (WCLN) and The Institute with Royal Roads University.

In our Strategic Plan 2009-2012, CEC focuses on learning as the link between knowledge and action, exploring the following questions:

  • How can we help people learn what they need and/or want to learn in order to do things differently and better support sustainability goals, such as those of IUCN?
  • How can we help people to make the best use of the knowledge available globally?

This CEC work area encompasses formal, accredited certificate programmes as well as informal learning on-the-job (capacity development).  It also aims to help conservation and sustainability actors such as IUCN manage their knowledge and leverage the power of learning.