Regional & Country Programmes

cork harvesting

IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation

 The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation (IUCN-Med) started its engagement with the private sector in 2008 and mainly through the new sub-regional programme for North Africa 2008-2012. The main purpose for this engagement is conciliating the balance between economic growth, social development and environmental threats, as the private sector is a main actor within these elements. To find out more about IUCN-Med's involvement with business click here.

Mekong Regional Water Dialogues in Vientiane Laos


IUCN Lao PDR aims to bring together the private sector and the conservation community in long-term partnerships to deliver conservation results and enhance sustainable development. To find out more about IUCN Lao PDR involvement with business click here.

Laguna Lachuá al atardecer, Parque Nacional Laguna Lachuá, Guatemala, Centro América.

IUCN Mesoamerica

IUCN Mesoamerica engages with private sector to: (i) improve the environmental management of companies with high environmental impact; (ii) improve the sustainability of the operations of companies that make intensive use of natural resources, and; (iii) promote and support the development of economic activities that enable the sustainable use of natural resources by local communities. To find out more about IUCN Mesoamerica's involvement with business click here.

countdown 2010 signing

IUCN European Regional Office

 Governments worldwide have promised to save biodiversity by 2010. While it is their responsibility to achieve this, they will need the help of all stakeholders. Click here for more information on how the Regional Office for Europe is engaging with business to make this happen.