Collaboration is a key element of a winning strategy. For many years IUCN has worked with its members from government and NGOs, as well as the private sector, to generate impacts that go beyond the scope of a single engagement or project. 

Whether it is convening different interests to work on global environmental policies that will guide future interventions, for instance on biodiversity offsets, or developing new industrial performance standards, like those recently completed for the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), IUCN is well-positioned to spearhead multistakholder processes.  

As part of the Natural Capital Coalition, IUCN is supporting the Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) Project. It is also leading a consortium on NCP business engagement, the development of NCP sectoral guides for food and beverage and apparel, and a programme to test these guides. Linked to this work is IUCN's support for the World Forum on Natural Capital.     

In addition, IUCN regularly collaborates with international business bodies, such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the UN Global Compact.  It also works with industry associations, such as ICMM (mining), IPIECA (oil and gas), CSI (cement and aggregates), and SAI (food and beverage), so it can help drive transformational change both at the site level and in global policy arenas.  

For more information, see the latest achievements under these initaitives: