A world without biodiversity?

Diversity-biological as well as social, linguistic and cultural diversity-is the lifeblood of sustainable development and human welfare. It is key to resilience-the ability of natural and social systems to adapt to change and is essential for nearly every aspect of our lives.

That’s why, in the run-up to the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona, with its theme A Diverse and Sustainable World the latest issue of World Conservation is going ‘back to basics’.

It asks the question: How can we expect to tackle poverty and climate change if we don’t look after the natural wealth of animals, plants, microorganisms and ecosystems that make our planet inhabitable?

The articles look at the scientific, social, economic and cultural case for keeping diversity, showing how biodiversity supports our health and physical security, food production, medical research, livelihoods, tourism, artistic expression and cultural life.

Issue 1 - A world without biodiversity?

January 2008

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Spice of life

Spice of life

Why we're talking about diversity. …  

28 Jan 2008 | News story

Doctor Nature

Doctor Nature

Cures for AIDS and some cancers could be at our fingertips if we did a better job of looking after biodiversity, says Eric Chivian. …  

27 Jan 2008 | News story


Bioprospecting: securing a piece of the pie

The commercial use of biodiversity has become a highly contentious area of policy, marked by mistrust and misunderstanding. Sarah Laird and Rachel Wynberg say the arguments are far from being settled. …  

26 Jan 2008 | News story

Keeping it clean

Keeping it clean

Chief Executive of Air New Zealand Rob Fyfe explains why the company has such a high stake in protecting the environment. …  

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Talking diversity

Talking diversity

The diversity of life is biological, cultural and linguistic, says Luisa Maffi. …  

24 Jan 2008 | News story

Food heroes

Food heroes

Local communities have conserved the diversity of agricultural species for thousands of years. Supporting them is key to achieving global food security, says M.S. Swaminathan. …  

23 Jan 2008 | News story

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