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5th Asia Regional Conservation Forum

IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature will hold its 5th Asia Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) from 27 to 30 September 2011 in Incheon, Republic of Korea. IUCN holds Regional Conservation Fora every four years around the world in advance of IUCN’s World Conservation Congress (WCC), the next to be held in Jeju, Republic of Korea 6-15 September 2012. The Asia Regional Conservation Forum will be co-hosted by the Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea and the IUCN National Committee of Members in Korea. The RCF is being organized with the Korean Organizing Committee for 2012 WCC.

The RCF brings together some 500-700 representatives from IUCN’s Membership, Commissions, Secretariat, Council, donors and partners in Asia. The RCF will facilitate the identification of critical conservation issues facing the region and build consensus on how these concerns can be addressed.

About the RCF
The first two days of the four day event focuses on exploring current conservation issues, sharing innovative experiences and building partnerships for future action. The proposed IUCN Intersessional Programme 2013-16: Nature+ will be presented and then followed-up by a series of informative thematic panel discussions. The third day is dedicated to members’ business and preparations for the WCC in 2012. On the fourth day, The Government of Korea will host an eco-tour to showcase Korea’s rich natural and cultural heritage and the measures taken for its effective management. The RCF will be enhanced by learning events and activities from IUCN’s Asia member organizations and its Korean hosts.

Programme review
Through a series of plenary discussions and interactive sessions, IUCN Member’s participate in the review and evaluation of the IUCN Programme 2013-2016. Participants will deliberate on the regional component of the new programme focusing on two core and three thematic areas.

  • Valuing and conserving biodiversity
  • Sharing nature’s benefits fairly and equitably
  • Nature based solutions to climate change
  • Managing ecosystems to improve food security
  • Greening the economy

Knowledge sharing
IUCN Members, Commissions, Secretariat and partners are invited to share their best work in a series of side events and in displays and activities in thematic pavilions, each aligned with the new IUCN Intersessional Programme. An additional pavilion will showcase cutting edge Korean conservation initiatives.

Member's session
IUCN members in the South and East Asia region will assemble to prepare for the World Conservation Congress. The members session includes:

  • Detailed information on motions, voting, the credentials process and elections at the WCC
  • Consultation on the governance reforms planned by Council
  • Information on the criteria and process for sponsored delegates at the WCC
  • Updates from IUCN’s Commissions

Korea focus
The RCF features a series of events and activities hosted by the Government of Korea’s Ministry of Environment and the IUCN National Committee of Members in Korea. Highlights include a Members reception, an eco-tour, and a preview of the World Conservation Congress in Jeju.


Asia RCF Co-branding

Asia RCF Co-branding

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