September 20-21, 2011
Johannesburg, South Africa

About the Forum

Building on IUCN’s convening power, the Regional Conservation Forum aims at addressing the challenges and build momentum on the opportunities outlined above to catalyze the forest debate and bring the people back to the center. It seeks to convene key stakeholders (including IUCN State/Government and NGO members; United Nations bodies and other international cooperating partners, international and local NGOs, academic and research institutions; and the business sector to actively engage in discussions around the link between Forests, food security and finance in a changing environment.

The climax of the forum will be a regional celebration of the International Year of Forests during which the regional delegates will join South African counterparts in a publicized event within the City of Johannesburg.

The Regional Forum seeks to,
“Enhance knowledge, attitudes and practice for integrating forest conservation and food security, in a context of change, in Eastern and Southern Africa”

This Regional Forum, will:

  1. Convene public forums for debate and exchange of ideas and experiences between practitioners, forest communities, technical advisors, scientists and policy makers;
  2. Capitalize on opportunities such as the International Year of Forests, the World Conservation Congress, the UNFCCC Durban to publicize major outcomes, debates and resolutions of the public forums; and
  3. Strengthen and/or create Communities of Practice identified through public forums and harnessed in the aftermath of the regional Forum for development of collaborative research projects, policy dialogue and communication.

The Forum will involve events such as: Knowledge Streams, The Green Pavilion and the Celebration of the International Year of Forests.

For more information download brochure here.

Getting involved
Given the thematic focus of the Regional Forum, the forum seeks to bring together a diversity of stakeholders including:

  • IUCN members, commissions and partners
  • Government representatives from different sectors including forest, environment, water, agriculture, coastal and marine (involved in protecting mangroves as well as climate change adaptation and mitigation), infrastructure, public works, trade and industry, finance, etc.
  • Private sector, local community representatives, academia and research institutions, and regional bodies

How can you participate?
Individuals and organizations are invited to register their interest to participate in one or more of the following:
a) Presenting a paper or a communication;
b) Moderator;
c) Participating in panel discussion;
d) Exhibiting innovations;
e) Supporting civil society and other stakeholders to engage;
f) Communicating the event/Media;
g) Organizing a cultural event;
h) Financial support. In cash or kind

  • Up to USD 20,000 - Bronze Medal
  • From USD 21,000  to USD 30,000 - Silver Medal
  • From USD 31,000  to USD 40,000 - Gold Medal
  • Above USD 40,000 - Diamond Medal


How to register?

 Register online here. Registration closes on August 10, 2011.
Download Registration brochure here: