Completed Projects

Talessemtane National Park

Integration of biodiversity and energy efficiency aspects in the tourist sector in North Africa

This is a subproject that is under the umbrella of the project "Sustainable livelihoods in North Africa and East Mediterranean"  financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID).  …   | French

06 Mar 2013 | Project completed

Mar de Alborán

Workshop to improve the governance of biosphere reserves

Improving the governance in the Maghreb region by the reinforcement of the stakeholders and managers of biosphere reserve capacities. …   | French

08 Feb 2012 | Project completed

The Status and Distribution of Mediterranean Mammals

Mediterranean Biodiversity Assessment

Responding to gaps in knowledge in the Mediterranean region …   | French

02 Feb 2012 | Project completed

Couverture Mauritanie: Nature et Paysage

Mauritania: Nature and Landscape

Summary of the book « Mauritania - Nature and Landscape », edited in 2011 by OAPN with the collaboration of IUCN-Med. …   | French

02 Feb 2012 | Project completed

IUCN - Freshwater Biodiversity Unit

Evaluation of the status and distribution of freshwater biodiversity in Northern Africa

Integration of freshwater biodiversity in the development process throughout Africa: mobilising information and site demonstrations …   | French

06 Aug 2011 | Project completed

Important Plant Areas of the south and east Mediterranean region: priority sites for conservation’ (eds E. A. Radford, G. Catullo and B. de Montmollin)

Identification of important plant areas and habitats in North Africa and Middle East

Technical support to the integration of Red List data on Mediterranean species on the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) ecosystem profile …   | French | Spanish

02 Aug 2011 | Project completed

Spanish Pastoralist family

Sustainable livelihoods in North Africa and East Mediterranean

Support to the conservation and management of natural resources in arid and semi-arid lands …   | French | Spanish

02 Aug 2011 | Project completed

Abies cilicica

Control and post-fire restoration in pilot areas in Lebanon

Integrated forest management and monitoring plan for sustainable fire prevention …   | French | Spanish

01 Aug 2011 | Project completed

2010 International year of Biodiversity

International Year of Biodiversity 2010

Towards a diverse and sustainable Mediterranean …   | French | Spanish

01 Jan 2010 | Project completed

Arz national tree in Shouf Reserve - Lebanon

Mediterranean Mosaics

  • Strengthening the resilience of Mediterranean landscapes to climate and socio-economic change
  • Promoting innovative conservation and rural development by building on the identity of local communities
  • Advocating for a new framework of local, national, and international rural development policies beyond the logics of subsidies
  | French | Spanish

24 Nov 2009 | Project completed