Protected Areas, World Heritage & Business Programme

“Living in Harmony with Nature"

The pure essence of IUCN is valued and conserved nature. IUCN ROWA is taking urgent and effective action to conserve, restore and maintain ecosystem services that directly deliver benefits. The programme itself is a compound of 3 major elements, Protected Areas, World Heritage and IUCN’s Business & Biodiversity. These three elements work in harmony to help ecosystems be resilient and continue to provide services to secure the West Asia regions variety of life.

To ensure this, pressures on biodiversity are reduced, ecosystems are restored, biological resources are sustainably used, protected areas are created and effectivley managed. This implies, capacities are enhanced, biodiversity issues and values mainstreamed and appropriate policies are effectively implemented.

For more information about the whole programme, kindly contact:
Dr Hany El Shaer – Programme Manager


Ditwah lagoon in Socotra island, Yemen

Ditwah lagoon in Socotra island, Yemen