Regional Office for Mesoamerica and Caribbean

After more than 25 years of work, the Regional Office for Mesoamerica and the Caribbean, along with their membership and supported by its technical commissions, has developed an extensive work in both regions. This work includes efforts to conserve natural areas, the empowerment of civil society, the capacity building for conservation, and strengthening of legal frameworks and policies for environmental protection and social equity.

How we work?

To carry out their work, the Regional Office for Mesoamerica and the Caribbean develops several fiel projects around the region. This projects aim to promote the biodiversity conservation of key ecosystems as well as provide social equity and a sustainable use of natural resources.

Cuenca del río Cahoacán

Project: Water Management for Adaptation

By building capacity and providing tools for climate change adaptation, this project focus their work on several key ecosystem in the following Central American basins: Coatán, Cahoacán, Paz, Lempa and the Sixaola binational basin.

The project "Water Management for Adaptation" aims to build capacity for good governance and climate change adaptation through applied research, awareness, public participation and demonstration experiences, for effective water management based on integrated ecosystem management.
The project is implemented by the IUCN Regional Office for Mesoamerica and the Environmental Law Center (ELC) of IUCN .
It has developed several local plans for adaptation to the Climate Change in : Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Mexico and El Salvador, through six watersheds identified as pilot sites:

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