Group photograph of the workshop participants

Need For Enhanced Awareness of Sustainable Transport Concepts Must for Improving Urban Environmental Conditions

A workshop to discuss the draft of an upcoming awareness-raising strategy under a sustainable transportation project was held in Islamabad today, with the objective of firming up the draft strategy through stakeholder and partner inputs. …  

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Pakistan to host South Asian Environmental Assessment Conference 2013 in Islamabad

Experts to Highlight Need for Inclusion of Strategic Impact Assessment in National Development Planning  …  

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IUCN Oceania welcomes NAILSMA, The North Australian Indigenous Land & Sea Management Alliance Ltd, into the Union following their membership approval at the 82nd meeting of the IUCN Council.   …  

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 北京,中国,2013年11月28日—在北京金台艺术馆召开“自然的价值 – GEP和TEEB for Water and Wetlands宣讲会”上,来自科研部门、国际组织和NGO等超过50位代表,共同发起成立“自然价值的伙伴”。 …  

28 Nov 2013 | Article
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The Golden mantled tree kangaroo.

PNG’s Tenkile Conservation Alliance joins IUCN

The Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA) has become the first organisation from Papua New Guinea to join IUCN. Today IUCN welcomed the TCA into the Union following their membership approval at the 82nd meeting of the IUCN Council.   …  

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Atlas Boumalne du Dades (Morocco) 
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Adapter l'agriculture au changement climatique au Maghreb

Le Centre de Coopération pour la Méditerranée de l’UICN a été invité à participer au séminaire «Adaptation de l’Agriculture et des Grandes Cultures aux Changements Climatiques » organisé par l’Union du Maghreb Arabe (UMA) en collaboration avec la Banque Africaine de Développement (BAD), le 19-20 Novembre 2013 à Casablanca (Maroc). …  

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Portrait of penguin, South Africa

IUCN welcomes 52 new Members

On 27 November 2013, the 82nd Meeting of the IUCN Council admitted 52 new Members to IUCN. …   | French | Spanish

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Logo Save Atewa Forest-GHANA

GHANA: L’«Atewa Range Forest Reserve», une Aire Protégée ghanéenne importante et menacée

Les réserves forestières du Ghana sont de plus en plus menacées par l’exploitation d’un large éventail de ressources naturelles telles que les arbres, la faune sauvage mais également les minerais. La situation de l’«Atewa Range Forest Reserve”, une des réserves forestières les plus importantes du Ghana est particulièrement grave.  …  

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American bullfrog (Lithobates

Science first, say 235 experts on the EU proposal on invasive alien species

Today a group of 235 individual experts and organisations from 36 countries, including 23 EU Member States, published a joint statement calling on the European institutions to adopt a science-based approach for the EU-wide legislation on invasive alien species. The Call was coordinated jointly by BirdLife Europe, IUCN European Union Representative Office and Neobiota. …  

27 Nov 2013 | International news release

Participants of the Nam Lik Workshop

Consultation Workshop on Logical Framework approach of the Nam Lik River Basin Management Plan

The Water Resources Department and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, through the Vientiane Provincial Natural Resources and Department Division 

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