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Conservation Partnerships in Africa Parks Magazine 13.1

Conservation Partnerships in Africa, PARKS Volume 13 No. 1 (joint issue with CEESP/TILCEPA)

The papers in this volume offer a glimpse of the historical ‘disentangling’ of African protected areas from the old protectionist approach into a more ‘open’ and collaborative management style, along the road to real partnerships.

PARKS Magazine 12.2

Local communities and protected areas, PARKS Volume 12 No. 2, 2002. (joint issue with CEESP/TILCEPA)

This issue of PARKS has been guest edited by TILCEPA/CMWG members and produced as part of the CEESP/ WCPA collaboration. It contains the article on "rethinking the relationship between indigenous and local communities and protected areas" that proposes a new "governance type" dimension for the IUCN protected area category system, and thus a formal recognition of Community Conserved Areas.

CM News - Issue No. 8 November 2004, joint issue with Policy Matters no. 13, History, Culture and Conservation

CM News - Issue No. 7 September 2003, joint issue with Policy Matters Issue No. 12, Community Empowerment for Conservation

CM News - Issue No. 6 September 2002, joint issue with Policy Matters Issue No. 10, Sustainable Livelihoods and Co-management of Natural Resources

CM News - Issue No. 5 October 2001, Newsletter of the IUCN Collaborative Management Working Group

CM News - Issue No. 4 September 2000, Newsletter of the IUCN Collaborative Management Working Group

CM News - Issue No. 3 December 1999, Newsletter of the IUCN Collaborative Management Working Group


Comanejo - CoopeSoliDar

COMANEJO - Una reflexión conceptual desde Coope Sol i Dar R. L.

Patricia Madrigal Coldero, Vivienne Solis Rivera

Este documento tiene como objetivo el servir como un vehículo de información sobre la discusión que se ha dado a nivel global, regional y local, en torno a la participación de diferentes sectores sociales en la conservación de las áreas protegidas.

Innovative Governance

Innovative Governance: Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities and Protected Areas

Eds. Hanna Jaireth and Dermot Smyth. Ane Books, New Delhi, 2003.

Innovative Governance: Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities and Protected Areas analyses progressive laws and policies for protected areas and aims to promote law reform and policy transfer by public and private institutions and individuals across jurisdictions.
The book explores diverse innovations in protected area governance globally. Adrian Phillips's introductory chapter highlights various innovations exemplified in later chapters. These include the wide range of actors that can now designate and manage protected areas, particularly community conserved areas (CCAs); the broader scale being taken to the designation and management of protected areas (embracing bioregional planning, multiple tenures and transboundary jurisdictions); and the extension of the concept of protected areas to include lived-in productive landscapes.

Orders for the book may be placed with Sunil Saxena, Ane Books, 4821 Parwana Bhawan, 1st Floor, 24 Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, Delhi - 110002, Fax : 23276863, E-mail: The price is US$15 per copy (with a 30% discount for IUCN members) plus US$10 for airmail.
For further information please contact the editors Hanna Jaireth <> or Dermot Smyth <>.

Sharing Power

Learning by doing in Co-Management of Natural Resources throughout the World

by Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend, Michel Pimbert, M. Taghi Farvar, Ashish Kothari and Yves Renard
with Hanna Jaireth, Marshall Murphree, Vicki Pattemore, Ricardo Ramirez and Patrizio Warren

This book is designed to support professionals and citizens at large who wish both to better understand collaborative management processes and to develop and enhance them in practice. The experience of social actors learning by doing and improving their management practices on an on-going basis has informed this book, together with the complex and inspiring ways by which the surrounding socio-political conditions can be improved through participatory democracy.

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Equidad entre Areas Protegidas


ELABORADO POR CoopeSolidar, R.L.: Vivienne Solis Rivera, Patricia Madrigal Cordero, Ivannia Ayales Cruz, Marvin Fonseca Borras


List of further Publications authored or co-authored by TGER members

TILCEPA: CEESP-WCPA joint Theme (Working Group) on Indigenous and Local Communities, Equity, and Protected Areas


Can PAs contribute to Poverty Reduction?

Can Protected Areas Contribute to Poverty Reduction? Opportunities and Limitations

Lea M. Scherl, Alison Wilson, Robert Wild, Jill Blockhus, Phil Franks, Jeffrey A. McNeely and Thomas O. McShane

Community Conserved Areas: A Review of Status and Needs in Melanesia and Polynesia

Lead Author Hugh Govan (2009)

Melanesia and Polynesia have seen an impressive increase in the number of marine protected areas over the last decade almost entirely due to the implementation or recognition of Community Conserved Areas (CCAs)based on regional assets in the form of traditional tenure and governance mechanisms. The same time period has seen the virtual demise of any other form of marine protected area in the independent countries of the South Pacific. CCAs account for over 500 sites covering over 12,000 km2 of which more than 1,000 km2 is no-take. The challenge for policy-makers, scientists, government and non government institutions is to move beyond the emphasis on protected areas in isolation and support and promote this de-centralized Island way as a vital foundation in a truly regional approach to Integrated Island Management that can address the pressing issues
associated with sustaining the region’s biodiversity and livelihoods.

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Indigenous and local communities and protected areas: towards equity and enhanced conservation

Indigenous and Local Communites and Protected Areas Guidelines - Guidance on policy and practice for Co-managed Protected Areas and Community Conserved Areas

Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend, Ashish Kothari and Gonzalo Oviedo, with inputs from Marco Bassi, Peter Bille Larsen, Maurizio Farhan Ferrari, Diane Pansky and Neema Pathak. Adrian Phillips, Series Editor.

An open and flexible guide to engaging indigenous peoples and local communities in protected area management. It includes clear concepts and concrete advice for policy at the national, landscape and site level, and ushers better recognition and protection of existing Community Conserved Areas – a marvellous world--wide conservation asset in great jeopardy today.


Author(s): Convention on Biological Diversity (with contributions from TILCEPA co-chairs, Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend and Ashish Kothari)

This report highlights the critical issues relating to the selection, planning and effective management of protected areas. The report contains twenty five articles useful for policymakers, managers, and other actors in the protected area community. The establishment and management of
protected areas together with conservation, sustainable use and restoration initiatives in the adjacent land and seascape are central to article 8 on in-situ conservation of the Convention on Biological Diversity



Participatory Conservation

Participatory Conservation : Paradigm Shifts in International Policy, IUCN, TILCEPA and Kalpavriksh

To order a copy please write to Swati Arjunwadkar at

Local communities, equity and conservation in southern Africa

Local communities, equity and conservation in southern Africa: A synthesis of lessons learnt and recommendations from a southern African technical workshop

Edited by Webster Whande (PLAAS), Thembela Kepe (PLAAS) and Marshall Murphree (CASS)

Report from the 'Communities and Conservation in Southern Africa: Key Issues and Challenges Towards a More Equitable and Sustainable Future' workshop, constituted as the Southern African chapter of TILCEPA (the IUCN Theme on Indigenous and Local Communities, Equity and Protected Areas), to prepare for the World Parks Congress to be held in September 2003

Contents and Foreword

Statement on local communities, equity and protected areas in community-conserved areas (CCAs), co-managed protected areas (CMPAs) and protected areas (PAs); & Lessons learnt and recommendations from a Southern African technical workshop

Annexure 1: Edited versions of the papers

Annexure 2: List of workshop participants, 26–28 February 2003

Theme on Social and Environmental Accountability of the Private Sector (SEAPRISE)


Offshore Oil publication

Environmental management of offshore oil development
and maritime oil transport

Sandra Kloff and Clive Wicks

A practical guide for stakeholders in the prospect of oil development in the West African Eco Region.

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