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WILD World Wilderness Congress 2013

WILD World Wilderness Congress 2013

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The World Wilderness Congress is the longest-running, international public conservation project and environmental forum in the world. After 35 years of history WILD10 arrives to Salamanca, for its first time in a Mediterranean country. To produce practical results with positive models and inspiring information, WILD10 convenes some 1200 delegates from up to 50 nations, and 50,000 on-line. Leaders in science, management, policy, indigenous communities, business, communication, and culture will investigate and act upon the question “How can we protect, maintain and restore wild nature while also providing enhanced social and economic opportunities for human society?”

The Global Gathering 4-6 Oct. Global leaders and experts convene in all plenary sessions in the Sala Mayor of the Palacio de Congresos in Salamanca meetings…with solutionoriented and inspiring approaches to conservation issues that address the three main program “Pillars” – Planet, People and Prosperity. A few of the many topics to be presented and explored – from Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, can be found in the following link:

The Global Forum 8-10 Oct. Concurrent meetings, workshops, symposia, capacity- building activities, cultural events involving solutions crafted by “Working Coalitions” • WILD Water • WILD Cities • Nature Strategy for Sustainability • Coalition WILD (Youth and Young professionals) • Indigenous & Community Lands & Seas Forum (60 leaders from 30 communities and nations) • WILDspeak (Photography & Communications) • Rewilding Europe • International League of Conservation Writers (ILCW) • Symposium on Science and Stewardship of Wilderness.

Global Intergovernmental Forum on Wilderness 2-3 Oct. Co-chaired by the Spanish Government, the US Federal Land Management Agencies and others. Government employees from 30 nations meet for an informal but targeted agenda to encourage peer-to-peer networking and exchange of experiences and points of view on large land/seascape- scale conservation. Open for government’s employees and leaders of indigenous communities. forum-on-wilderness

Wild Day Excursions & Cultural visits 7 Oct. Spain is a country of diverse landscapes, cultures, architecture, and history. WILD10 delegates may choose from a diverse and exciting offering of excursions on this optional day dedicated to experiencing all the beauty and splendor of northwest Spain. WILD Day tours & excursions vary from historic guided walking tours of Salamanca and the preserved medieval town of Avila, to local winery tours, and customized nature excursions.

The WILD10 Tent 4-10 Oct. An exhibition and gallery space for exchanging, learning, and relaxing. Institutional, educational and commercial exhibits, interesting projects and technologies, workshops and photo exhibitions. Cultural Exhibits include historical wildlife art; contemporary urban art for conservation; traditional & indigenous cultural displays; five major photo exhibitions; three fine art galleries; digital art and activism demonstrations. fotografía

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