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“Integrating Conservation and Human Wellbeing”

Members can contribute actively to discussion of the IUCN Global Programme for 2013-2016 from the perspective of the regional vision. The IUCN World Conservation Congress on September 6-15, 2012, in Jeju, South Korea gives this opportunity.

Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean make up a complex geopolitical region that shares common challenges within a framework of deep contrasts, in which extraordinary biological and cultural richness is countered by growing poverty and social inequality.

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The Approach: “One Programme, for Action” / “A Single Programme, for Action”

Under the work approach of "One Programme," / “A Single Programme,” IUCN will strengthen and increase synergies among the three arms of the Union: the Members, the Commissions and the Secretariat.

Working together for conservation objectives calls for consensus and extensive communication among the parties.
Guided by the Union vision – A just world that values and conserves nature –the solutions promoted will be based on nature, not only to halt the deterioration of biodiversity but also to support development for all, especially poor communities whose livelihood depends on nature.

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  • 2013-2016 Regional Programme Component for Mesoamerica with the Caribbean Initiative
Draft version Programme for consultation
  • Draft version Programme for consultation
Member's Conservation Forum Presentations
Quick Guide for the Jeju Congress
  • Imagen de video introductorio guía para el Foro Mundial de la Conservación.

    Imagen de video introductorio guía para el Foro Mundial de la Conservación.

    Fotografía: IUCN

Biannual Report 2009-2010
  • Report 2009-2010
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