Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

The Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Unit is responsible for coordinating PME activities across the Secretariat, in addition to PME standard setting and implementation, including capacity building activities. 

Planning, monitoring and evaluation is supported by the IUCN Monitoring and Evaluation Policy 2013, the Project Guidelines and Standards 2014 and the IUCN Operational Plan 2013-2016.

Mandate of the Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

The main areas of work for the PM&E function include:

  • Supporting the improvement of intersessional and annual planning in order to lay the groundwork for monitoring and evaluation;
  • Supporting the implementation of the Project Guidelines and Standards as the main project management tool across the Secretariat;
  • Developing  a framework of result and impact indicators at the programme level for monitoring intersessional results and impacts;
  • Supporting project, programme and organizational evaluations in design, implementation and use (follow-up) phases;
  • Supporting the design, implementation and use of the results of corporate level evaluations, such as the External Review of IUCN and External Review of Commissions;
  • Reporting on the status, quality and synthesis of evaluations and their findings;
  • Maintaining the support systems that underpin reporting, such as the monitoring website and database of evaluations (annual progress reports, plans, findings and recommendations, meta-evaluation data, etc);
  • Supporting the development of capacity for PM&E through training, coaching and mentoring.

The current structure of the PM&E function (embedded within Programme) facilitates the implementation of the above through routine contact with Global Thematic Heads and Regional Programme Coordinators as well as multiple points of access (i.e. planning, monitoring and reporting cycles).