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Páramos andinos

Definir y caracterizar los páramos: clave para la equidad ambiental

El páramo es un ecosistema, un bioma, un paisaje, un área geográfica, una zona de vida, un espacio de producción e inclusive un estado del clima. Esto varía según el valor y significado de quién interviene. Por ejemplo para un campesino y una campesina el páramo es el territorio en el cual ejerce todas sus actividades productivas y reproductivas, que las dimensiones políticas, sociales, culturales y ambientales inciden en la dinámica del ecosistema. …  

27 Aug 2014 | News story

Host Country Agreement signed between IUCN and Indonesia

Landmark agreement signed between IUCN and the Indonesian government to protect biodiversity

Bangkok, 24 August 2014 – IUCN and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia have signed a Host Country Agreement which lays the foundations for future collaboration on efforts to protect and conserve the country’s rich biodiversity while also ensuring sustainable use of natural resources and promoting the development of nature-based solutions to global challenges. …  

27 Aug 2014 | Article

Reporte Anual, UICN-Sur, 2013.

Reporte UICN 2013

Amigos/as de América del Sur, les invitamos a conocer la labor de la UICN-Sur, a través de este reporte electrónico, ilustrado con infografías, fotos y testimonios de los proyectos implementados en la región, durante el 2013. …  

26 Aug 2014 | News story

Bonaire kid

Benefits of Valuing Nature for the Caribbean Netherlands

A research conducted between 2012 and 2014 not only values the ecosystem services provided by the three islands’ natural world, but produces reports and policy briefs for decision-makers with guidance on how to maintain these values for the benefit of the economy. …  

26 Aug 2014 | Article

12A_35_02, Chad Husby,  Sinkhole Cycad habitat, MBC, SOS

Conservation Horticulture: A Vital Skill for a Rare Cycad

Tracy Magellan of the Montgomery Botanical Centre (MBC), an SOS grantee, describes the importance of conservation horticulture for the Critically Endangered Sinkhole cycads (Zamia prasina) of Belize.   …  

26 Aug 2014 | News story

Mr. P’ Sanae, Chairman of Pakklong Ao Ra Wa Community Conservation, sharing with Viet Nam team

Thai fishing communities get organized

“If we don’t protect nature, no one will do it. Then we’ll have to suffer,” said P’ Sanae, Chairman of Pakklong Ao Ra Wa Community Conservation during a study tour by Vietnamese provincial government officials and villagers to Trat and Chanthaburi Provinces in Thailand. The tour was organized in late February/early March 2014 by IUCN as part of its EU-funded Building Coastal Resilience to Climate Change in Coastal Southeast Asia (BCR) Project. …   | Vietnamese

25 Aug 2014 | Article
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Fishing boat in the river Meghna

Call for application: Water Futures II

Bangladesh and India share the largest river networks in South Asia. These 54 trans-boundary rivers directly influence the lives and living of over half a billion people. Management of basin and regional level natural resource challenges is limited to practitioners in this region. Moreover, the curricula of universities, colleges and training institutes in Bangladesh and India, have a focus on national issues. Rather, attention is not given to trans-boundary water management concerns. …  

24 Aug 2014 | Article

Kai sold at local market

Improving food safety and livelihoods of rural communities: Fiji’s kai fishery

A project to address food safety issues in Fiji’s kai fishery will improve livelihoods of rural communities and help empower women, a workshop initiating the project heard this week. …  

22 Aug 2014 | News story

Tram Chim National Park

The price of rice in Tram Chim National Park

Tram Chim National Park is an ornithological paradise. Spread over seven villages, this sleepy Vietnamese haven lies 19km east of the Mekong Delta in the ‘Plain of Reeds’ in Dong Thap province, a mere stone’s throw from the Cambodian border.  …  

21 Aug 2014 | Article

Fijian bicycle rider relaxing

‘Completing the cycle’ in Fiji: Improving the health of humans and the planet

The LifeCycle initiative hit the road this week, as a multi-sector stakeholder meeting was held to help encourage the uptake of cycling in Fiji as a healthy and climate-friendly form of personal transport. …  

21 Aug 2014 | News story

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