Climate change

Climate change is the most serious development and environment challenge of the 21st century. It undermines food and freshwater supplies and weakens flood regulation and shoreline protection. Flooding, droughts, storms and other forms of extreme weather are exacerbated by climate change.

Fortunately, nature can also offer helpful solutions.

Healthy natural systems such as forests, peatlands and wetlands are critical for absorbing carbon and helping us adapt to climate change impacts.

  • Healthy ecosystems such as forests, oceans and wetlands are critical for absorbing and storing carbon.

  • Planting and protecting nearly 12,000 hectares of mangroves in Viet Nam cost just over US$ 1 million but saved annual expenditures on dyke maintenance of US$ 7 million.

  • Coral reefs provide coastal protection and other valuable services worth billions of dollars per year.

Halting the loss and degradation of natural systems and promoting their restoration have the potential to contribute over a third of the total climate change mitigation that scientists say is required by 2030.

IUCN works with governments, UN agencies and industry to ensure that nature conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources contribute to reducing climate change and adapting to its impacts.


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