Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA)

The IUCN West Asian region comprises of 13 countries including Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the Syrian Arab Republic, Yemen and Iran in addition to the Gulf countries including Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates. West Asia is part of three eco-regions that incorporate a variety of ecosystems, including Mediterranean forests, deserts, plains, rangelands, savannas, oases, mountains, rivers, lakes, springs, mudflats, swamps, marshes, mangroves, seagrass beds and coral reefs, all of which provide a wide array of ecosystem services and ecological corridors for migratory species through the region.
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West Asia

What's New?

Highlighting the Project's Objectives in Kerak

A Glimpse about the Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management Practices Project

 Within IUCN ROWA’s portfolio to strengthen the capacity necessary for the protection of Jordan’s environment, the Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management Practices project integrates an ecosystem-based approach into public-supported productive and poverty reduction activities. The project was implemented in thirteen Jordanian villages in the Karak, Tafileh and Ma’an governorates. …  

09 Jan 2015 | Article

Rangeland Ecosystem Services

Finalizing the Economic Valuation of Jordanian Rangelands Ecosystem Services

 Jordanian rangelands are a source of valued livestock produce, carbon storage, biodiversity and medicinal plants. They also serve as watersheds that receive rainfall, yield surface water and replenish groundwater throughout the area east and south of the western Jordan highlands. …  

08 Jan 2015 | Article

HazWaste MENA Forum

HazWaste MENA Forum: An Opportunity to Raise Awareness about Hazardous Waste Management

 Demographical and industrial growth have left the MENA region with diverse and increasing amounts of hazardous waste generated that needs to be managed in the most cost-effective, risk-free and environmental manner. The region’s national development plans focus largely on sustainability, and with environmental issues on the top of the list, most MENA countries plan to reduce generated hazardous waste, improve its management, increase recycling and reduce land filling. …  

08 Jan 2015 | Article

Jordan Map

The Sustainable Dryland Landscapes National Steering Committee in Jordan is Planning for 2015

 The National Steering Committee (NSC) of the Sustainable Dryland Landscapes in Africa & the Middle East project in Jordan, which consists of the stakeholders from different governmental institutions and NGOs, meets on a regular basis in order to discuss project activities in Jordan. …  

07 Jan 2015 | Article

IUCN West Asia Annual Report 2012
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