Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability



Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability

CEC initiates efforts to engage in collaboration that encourages the exchange of ideas and experiences, mutual learning, and meaningful action across generations, geographies and genders in support of IUCN's mission of biodiversity conservation.

We aim to increase the number and engagement of young people all IUCN Commissions, across the Union, and beyond. CEC has:

  • Launched young professional networks across Commissions;
  • Catalyzed efforts to have the first-ever young person appointed to the 2009-2012 Council, Grace Mwaura, a young woman from Kenya, now on the IUCN CEC Steering Committee;
  • Founded the Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability, an IUCN-wide group that took the lead in organizing the Youth and Intergenerational Journey at Congress.

Read about current activities and to how to be involved >>

For more information, write to Grace Mwaura, Special Advisor on Intergenerational Partnership, IUCN CEC Steering Committee, at


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New co-Conveners to lead CEC's Young Professionals Leadership Team 2013-2016

Tushita Mukherjee of India and Jean Paul Brice Affana of Cameroon will lead the team of young professionals advancing youth engagement across IUCN Commissions and beyond.

Read more about them here.

CEC and CEESP Young Professionals at Congress. Left to right: Daniela Barguil, Melanie Zurba, Dominic Stucker, Alyson Duffey, Grace Mwaura, and Diogo Verissimo.

News from the Youth and Intergenerational Journey at Congress

View videos and photos and read highlighted achievements and aspirations in this report from the IUCN Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability. Report >> 

Dominic Stucker, CEC Member

CEC and CEESP on the Youth and Intergenerational Journey at Congress

CEC member Dominic Stucker reports on action related to youth engagement and collaboration across generations during the IUCN World Conservation Congress.More >>

Sharing Power: A New Vision for Development, 11-15 January 2011, Whakatane New Zealand

Sharing Power Between Generations: Youth at the CEESP conference

This CEC workshop during the CEESP Sharing Power conference January 2011 in New Zealand focused on 'Sharing Power Between Generations'.

CEC members Dominic Stucker and Frits Hesselink served as co-facilitators of the workshop 'Sharing Power Between Generations' with support from Tui Warmenhoven, a local Maori lawyer, community activist and mother. Read full story >>


Sumarlina tracks a temperature-sensitive dragonfly as part of community efforts to keep the Brantas River clean.

Stories about Youth from CEC Members

CEC members share stories about their activities related to youth and young professionals in this issue of the CEC Newsletter, with a guest editorial by CEC Steering Committee member Dominic Stucker.

View the newsletter  >>