Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM) at the Congress

CEM members meeting

On 6 September the Commission will host a meeting of its members and guests from 13h30 to 15h30pm in Room 401 of the Conference Center. The meeting will give members a chance to meet Steering Committee members and get a update on the Commission’s accomplishments, plans for the coming four years, and an overview of the Commission’s contributions to the Congress.

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NOTE: The Congress Opening Ceremony will follow at 17h00 in the Tamna Hall.


Commission Cornerstone workshops

The Commission on Ecosystem Management, in partnership with the Ecosystem Management Programme, has laid out four “journeys” as a road map to events associated with the Commission/Programme priorities for the coming four years. For each journey the Commission has sponsored a “cornerstone” workshop which is a key stop in the journey, designed to provide an update on the status of the priority area and outcomes that will feed into the Commission/Programme wrap-up session on the final day of the Forum.

The four cornerstone workshops, organizer and venue are listed in the table below.  Abstracts and more detailed information on each can be found on the Congress Forum website: . 


Cornerstone Workshop



Ecosystem Assessment

807: Progress towards establishment of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems

Jon Paul Rodriguez

11 Sept: 11h00 -13h00, Samda Hall

Ecosystem-based Adaptation

812: Building Resilience to climate change through Ecosystem Based Adaptation.

Angela Andrade

7 Sept: 14h30 - 16h30, Samda Hall

Disaster Risk Reduction

791: Reducing Environmental Risks – Naturally! Developing guidance for IUCN’s future work on Disaster Risk Reduction 

Karen Sudmeier-Rieux

7 Sept: 11h00 -13h00, Room 201

Resilience & Ecosystem Services

751: Empowering rural stewardship to conserve biodiversity and enhance ecosystem services

Steve Edwards

8 Sept: 14h30- 16h30, Halla B


Mauritanie 2007

CEM “Journeys”

The Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM) and Ecosystem Management Programme (EMP) have organized thematic journeys that focus on four topics (Red Listing of Ecosystems, Disaster Risk Reduction, Ecosystem-based Adaptation, and Resilience) and two biomes (Drylands and Islands) relevant to the 2013-2016 programme. Through the events comprising these journeys you can explore how ecosystem functionality and management are affected by a variety of causes. All six journeys lead to a wrap-up session (Workshop # 813) where key findings from the journey events will be highlighted and crafted into outcomes that will improve ecosystem resilience in a world in which there is increasing risk from climate risk and natural and man-caused disasters at a time when human well-being is a crucial component of ecosystem management.


Maps of the Journeys, citing the linked events, their schedule, and location, will be made available at the CEM Exhibit Booth. Changes in the schedule of events during the Forum may occur.  So, please check the daily event schedule to verify the time and location of that the events you wish to attend.


Have a look at the journeys now!

Link to Red Listing of Ecosystems Journey

Link to Disaster Risk Reduction Journey

Link to Ecosystem-based Adaptation Journey

Link to Ecosystem Resilience Journey

Link to Drylands Journey

Link to Islands Journey


Download the brochure:

Journeys Brochure WCC2012

Bringing it together

A wrap-up workshop entitled Trends, Priorities and Actions in Ecosystem Management: Key conclusions from the Commission's Journeys (event # 813) is scheduled at 14h30 to 16h30 in Room 201 on 11 September.  Facilitated discussions will focus on the key conclusions and outcomes arrived at in the Commission’s four cornerstone workshops as well as other relevant events in each journey.  Our intent is to identify broad trends in ecosystem management; set priorities, and agree to an overall approach to address the priorities.  “Resilience” will provide a framework to assess priorities and actions in the context of diverse social-ecological systems in different geographic areas. 

The outcomes of this workshop will provide a basis for informing and guiding programme development as well as broader institutional policy on ecosystem management.  The outcomes will be posted on the IUCN/Commission website.

Korea Coast

CEM Members events

There are many other events where CEM is involved through the participation of its members. A list of all events led by CEM members can be found here: link to pdf.

CEM Exhibition Booth

If you want to learn more about our program, activities and the CEM journeys, we invite you to visit our exhibition booth; you will meet some Steering Committee and other CEM members as well as IUCN staff from the Ecosystem Management Programme.  A schedule will be posted on the booth informing you when you can meet the different members to discuss and exchange information.

Acre, Brazil.

CEM Luc Hoffmann Award

The CEM Luc Hoffmann Award, named in honor of one of the foremost leaders in conservation over the past 50 years, recognizes individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to conserving ecosystems.  The first recipient, Germano Woehl, Jr. (Brazil), will be introduced at a CEM Reception in the Just World Pavilion on 7 September at 18h30, and the intent and meaning of the award will be discussed.  

Mr Woehl is recognized for his actions to conserve Atlantic forests in Brazil, including establishing an NGO (, promoting environmental awareness and creating a Private Natural Heritage Reserve (854 hectares of forest saved so far).  Mr Woehl will receive his award during the Medals and Award Ceremony on 11  September at 19h00.

CEM in the Pavilions

CEM has scheduled six events in the Pavilions which are listed below.  Generally, the Pavilions offer a less-formal venue for launching publications, announcing partnerships, or hosting discussions on key topics.  Often refreshments will be provided.




Reception:  Launch of the CEM Luc Hoffmann Award and introduction of Mr Germano Woehl Jr. the first recipient of the award.

Just World Pavilion

7 September, 18h30 to 21h00

Launch of the IUCN tech report assessing governance in by-catch in all the Regional Fish Management Organizations. To take place just after a Press Conference (12h00, main Press Conference Room).

Blue Planet Pavilion

9 September, 13h00 to 14h30

Discussion about the role ecosystems play in Disaster Risk Reduction. The role  protected areas play as an effective mechanism for reducing disaster risk will be highlighted.

Protected Planet Pavilion

10 September, 13h00 to 14h30

Celebrating Sacred Natural Sites

Protected Planet Pavilion

10 September, 19h00 to 21h00

Exploring the linkages between IUCN’s evolving work on the Red List of Ecosystems with land use and environmental governance

Just World Pavilion

11 September, 13h00 to 14h30

Book-Launch: Governance for Fisheries and Marine Conservation

Blue Planet Pavilion

11 September, 13h00 to 14h30

 MARK THEM ON YOUR CALENDAR -- And don’t forget to visit us during your stay at the Congress.

Ecosystem Management Programme at the Congress:

As our partner, the Ecosystem Management Programme is organizing some events at the Congress on which we would like to draw your attention:

Type of event




Conservation Campus

234: Operationalising Ecosystem Based Disaster Risk Reduction at national and subnational levels

Radhika Murti

8 September, 9h00 to 18h00

Knowledge Café

355: Conserving Drylands Biodiversity for Sustainable Land Management

Jonathan Davies

8 September, 14h30 to 16h30


Launch book on Drylands Biodiversity

Jonathan Davies

9 September, 13h00 to 14h30


763: Mainstreaming Environmental Sustainability, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change

Imen Meliane

7 September, 11h00 to 13h00




Photo: IUCN Asia

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