Amazonia to Patagonia

IUCN at work in South America—a land of diversity and contrast

1 March 2011. From towering waterfalls to mighty mountains, lush rainforests to harsh deserts, South America is a land of contrasts and a land of extremes. It is home to the world's highest waterfall—Angel Falls in Venezuela, the longest mountain range—the Andes, the driest place on earth—the Atacama Desert and the largest rainforest—the Amazon Rainforest.

Did you know?

• South America has a population of almost 400 million
• The world’s highest commercially navigable lake—Lake Titicaca is found in South America
• Six of the 17 so-called megadiverse countries are found in South America (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela).

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Indigenous people often suffer most from the impacts of climate change. Their needs and the techniques they use for conserving their own, often complex, environment should take a far more important place in the climate change debate.

EXPERT OPINION: Coping with uncertainty

IUCN's Regional Director for South America outlines why we need to conserve both biological and cultural diversity.

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Jon Paul Rodriguez in action

SCIENTISTS IN ACTION: Saving Venezuela's wildlife

A look at the life and times of biologist Jon Paul Rodríguez hard at work to save Venezuela's native fauna and flora.

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White-collared peccary


Reducing the trade in wild meat that is harming wildlife populations in Ecuador's Yasuni Biosphere Reserve.

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  • Green parrot

IUCN's Director General talks about South America's conservation challenges

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