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Photo de groupe des participants à l'atelier national de dissémination et d’appropriation des lignes directrices en Côte d'Ivoire

Sensibilisation au Ghana et Cote d’Ivoire pour l’appropriation des lignes directrices de la CEDEAO pour le développement d’infrastructures hydrauliques

En décembre 2011, la CEDEAO a validé les lignes directrices sur les grandes infrastructures hydrauliques en Afrique de l’Ouest. En attendant l’adoption d’une Directive Cadre qui en découlera, et pour en favoriser l’application sur le terrain dès à présent, le Centre de Coordination des Ressources en Eau (CCRE) de la CEDEAO et l’Union internationale pour la conservation de la nature (UICN) ont organisé deux ateliers au Ghana et Cote d’Ivoire pour la promotion de bonnes pratiques pour l’appropriation de ces lignes directrices par les acteurs nationaux. …  

06 Oct 2015 | News story

Curso en El Salvador

Water Governance Course in a National Context El Salvador

Governance refers to formal and informal rules governing human conduct and the means by which society determines and acts according to objectives and priorities. More precisely, governance is the linkage of those rules in legal and policy frameworks, along with the organizational agreements necessary to carry them out (Steiner et al. 2003). …   | Spanish

02 Oct 2015 | News story

Reunión en Ciudad de Panamá

Hydrodiplomacy in Costa Rica and Panama

Hydrodiplomacy consists of negotiation between countries on water management through formal mechanisms (treaties, agreements, or basin institutions) or informal (dialogue platforms). Multiple objectives and interests are taken into consideration, such as water use for domestic, agricultural, energy, environmental or recreational purposes, for example. Ideally this occurs under an integrated water resource management approach with the participation of key stakeholders at local, national, regional, and transboundary levels. …   | Spanish

01 Oct 2015 | News story

North Africa Regional Conservation Forum

IUCN North Africa Conservation Forum to debate environmental challenges and human welfare

More than 70 participants representing IUCN State Members, government agencies, NGO representatives, IUCN Commissions, and partner organisations, will gather in Cairo (Egypt) from 4 to 6 October 2015 for the IUCN’s North Africa Regional Conservation Forum. Together with the IUCN Secretariat, the Forum will focus on working together to deal with North Africa’s most pressing environmental issues, share experiences and best practices, identify actions and unite the forces needed for change to happen. …   | French

01 Oct 2015 | News story

Cascada, Chillán. Biobío, Chile.

Manejo y conservación de ecosistemas como alternativa para la Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres.

El 1 de octubre de 2015 se desarrollará en Santiago de Chile el taller “Conservación y manejo de ecosistemas para la resilencia a eventos climáticos extremos y la adaptación al cambio climático”. El evento es organizado por la UICN en alianza con el Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, CONAF, TERRAM y PNUD.  …  

30 Sep 2015 | News story

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