Thematic Programmes


Ecosystem Management Programme

The Ecosystem Management Programme (EMP), through the Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM), has worked closely with private businesses at local landscape levels in promoting and applying the Ecosystem Approach (EsA). Click here for more information on EMP's engagement with business.


Global Marine and Polar Programme

 The Global Marine and Polar Programme (GMPP) is working closely with private business in a number of marine projects with the chief aim of influencing private companies so that they act in ways that will contribute to conservation and sustainable development. Click here for more information on GMPP's engagement with business.


Water Programme

Private industry is a key actor in the water sector, both at corporate levels and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The IUCN Water programme aims to influence the private sector to address environmental issues and to incorporate ‘the ecosystem approach’ into its strategies and operations. Click here for more information on the Water Programme's engagement with business.