IUCN’s accountability and values

As a global organization, IUCN is committed to excellence, transparency and accountability in delivering our work, responding to the needs of our constituency, caring for our staff and in conducting business with our stakeholders and suppliers. 

We are proud and privileged to work across a wide range of countries and cultures, with a diverse range of peoples, and in varied economic, social and political systems. Our reputation and credibility are derived from the quality of our work, the recognition and support of the people with, and for whom we work, and from our members, donors, staff and the public at large. We recognize that to maintain our reputation we must demonstrate from the highest levels of the organization:

  • integrity and ethical behaviour
  • a commitment to competence
  • fair, inclusive and transparent decision making
  • clear responsibilities and accountabilities for achieving the Mission, responding to stakeholders, caring for staff and conducting business with stakeholders and suppliers
  • equality, inclusiveness and respect for the diversity of people
  • environmental responsibility

We recognize that these principles and values underpin and exemplify good governance and good management, and we strive to achieve these by: defining shared principles, policies and practices; enhancing transparency and accountability both internally and externally; encouraging open and transparent communication with stakeholders, and improving our performance and effectiveness as an organization.

The main IUCN policies and guidelines that underpin these values and principles are:

IUCN Policies

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