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CEC Steering Committee member

CEC contact for Australia and New Zealand

Wendy Goldstein
Lecturer in Sustainable Development
Macquarie University Graduate School of Environment
Sydney Australia
Email: wgoldstein@gse.mq.edu.au

CEC National Activators 2009 - 2012

Fiji — Leba Mataitini, lebamataitini@connect.co.fj
New Zealand — Ann Brower, Ann.Brower@lincoln.ac.nz
Tonga — Seuula Fua, johanssonfua_s@usp.ac.fj

Objectives and plans for CEC in the region 2009 - 2012


  1. To provide leadership to regional membership and CEC National Activators to carry out the CEC mandate;
  2. To provide synergy to the mission and programme of IUCN, especially in relation to the International Year of Biodiversity;
  3. To facilitate the mainstreaming of biodiversity conservation into the curriculum of formal education;
  4. To supervise regional activities and maintain communication with National Activators and members;
  5. To maintain communication with IUCN Oceania regional office  

Short-term plans

  • Recommend names of national activators where this is possible (April)
  • Revive membership drive and increase membership from Pacific Island Countries & Territories (PICT), including regional agencies and organizations (May/June)
  • Organize an educational event to launch the IYB (Mar/April)
  • Integrate biodiversity conservation content in courses in regional higher education institutions
  • Become part of the Greening Campuses Specialty Group
  • Work closely with IUCN Oceania regional office and contribute to regional work programme in education and communication

Long-term plans

  • Work with national curriculum units and personnel, to integrate biodiversity concepts and values into the school curriculum where possible
  • Work with existing regional & national networks to promote IUCN and CEC goals and targets (e.g. UNESCO, Rethinking Pacific Education Initiative, PRIDE Project, NOPE website, etc.)
  • Look for gaps in capacity building for Biodiversity Conservation and develop partnerships with existing regional and national initiatives, in current priority areas such  as reorienting curriculum, teacher training, and use of media and ICTs to raise public awareness of Biodiversity issues (ongoing)
  • Develop partnerships with regional bodies and NGOs to work with and share knowledge of biodiversity with youth, women and indigenous groups
  • Continue to advocate for, encourage and facilitate appropriate research and innovations as well as publications in the area of Biodiversity Conservation

IUCN in Oceania
  • Wendy Goldstein

    Wendy Goldstein

    Photo: CEC

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