Jeju Seongsan Illchubong

From 6 to 15 September 2012, thousands of delegates will come together on Jeju Island in the Republic of Korea to attend the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress.

Taking place once every four years, the IUCN Congress is the world's largest and most important conservation event. It brings together government leaders, NGOs and top professionals from all regions with a variety of on-the-ground expertise. The Congress is the birthplace of ground-breaking environmental conventions, scientific discoveries and global initiatives.

This year’s Congress theme is Nature+, which captures the fundamental importance of nature and its inherent link to every aspect of our lives. Strengthening the robustness of nature will help ecosystems be more resilient, improving the health of people, communities and economies. Nature+ is all about sharing knowledge on how our natural environment should be managed for the continued wellbeing of humanity and all life on Earth.

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Europe at IUCN Congress

The Congress will be an opportunity to engage in and continue discussions on ways to move the sustainable development agenda forward after the Earth Summit in Rio and will anticipate debates of the upcoming Convention of Biological Diversity Conference in India this October. These international events are crucial for Europe as their recommendations and outcomes will feed into European legislation and advances. The Congress is also a great opportunity for Members to get together to discuss and approve the new IUCN Programme.

Lots of workshops and other events during the Congress Forum will address biodiversity and related issues from a European perspective. IUCN Regional Office for Europe, European Members, Committees and Commissions will organize several debates, presentations and other events giving the opportunity to learn more about current activities.

Between now and the Congress, this page will be updated every week with information on what is planned and will highlight many events organized by European Members, Committees and Commission members.

European activities at IUCN Congress


Fish and seagrass, Menorca, Spain

PAVILION EVENT: Presentation of the Synopsis of the book “Governance for Fisheries and Marine Conservation”

The book entitled “Governance for Fisheries and Marine Conservation”, expected to be published by beginning of 2013, examines the interface between marine fisheries governance on the one hand, and that of marine biodiversity and ecosystem conservation on the other. It identifies their interactions at different scales and in various institutions, as well as their respective principles, conceptual objectives, policies, plans, processes and operational instruments.  …  

29 Aug 2012 | Event
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Trans-boundary Policy Dialogue on Hilsa Fisheries Management

WORKSHOP: Fisheries, biodiversity conservation and food security

In the future, food from the sea is going to be of increasing importance to global food security. At present, decisions regarding food and biodiversity conservation are made separately. This does not facilitate integration, coordination nor common understanding. The risk is that both fields of governance miss their targets. Ways to meet food needs which are also compatible with biodiversity conservation have to be found.  …  

28 Aug 2012 | Event
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WORKSHOP: Limiting biodiversity impacts from biofuels through land use mapping and certification schemes

Biofuel production is a major and increasing threat to many ecosystems of high conservation importance. To reduce such impacts, sustainability accreditation schemes have been developed, which can be used to show compliance with mandatory sustainability criteria, such as those included in the EU´s Renewable Energy Directive. The event is intended for those actively involved in developing and testing sustainability scheme mapping approaches such as the WWF Sustainable Land Use project and others involved in bioenergy policy issues.  …  

27 Aug 2012 | Event
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