Rediscovery of "extinct" species on Mauritius spurs joint action to secure its future

Gland, Switzerland (IUCN) 21.06.01. The rediscovery of a Mauritian plant last seen in the wild in 1863 has spurred collaborative efforts on the island to help save the species. …  

21 Jun 2001 | News story


Caviar Industry Donates US$10,000 to Sturgeon Conservation

Gland, Switzerland (11.06.01) IUCN-The World Conservation Union. The International Caviar Importers Association (ICIA), has generously agreed to provide a grant of US$10,000 to support the work of the Sturgeon Specialist Group (SSG) of IUCN's Species Survival Commission. Ten members of the Association will each contribute US$1,000 to enable the Group to retain a part-time executive officer and obtain communications equipment. …  

11 Jun 2001 | News story

Wider Caribbean Region Hawksbill Turtle Dialogue

Communiqué: A first meeting of the Wider Caribbean Hawksbill Turtle Range State Dialogue was convened on 15-17 May 2001 in Mexico City. This meeting was attended by 34 States and Territories (see Annex) and focussed on issues relating to conservation and trade in hawksbill turtles in the Wider Caribbean region. The status of the species has generated extensive discussion at recent meetings of the Conference of the Parties to CITES. The meeting was convened in response to a consensus amongst the range States to provide an opportunity to make progress towards strengthening dialogue and co-operation in the region on issues of common concern. Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the World Wildlife Fund US provided the necessary finances. IUCN - The World Conservation Union and the CITES Secretariat served as facilitators for this meeting. Ms. Diana Ponce Nava, of Mexico, served as chairperson of the meeting. …  

15 May 2001 | News story

Coral reefs 13, Koh Bon island, Thailand

Action Against Severe Global Warming Threat To Biodiversity

Gland, Switzerland (IUCN) 22.2.2001. IUCN-The World Conservation Union. IUCN has taken decisive action in response to the serious damage being done to species and natural systems by the growing threat of global climate change. …  

22 Feb 2001 | News story

Experts Outline Action to Save Sturgeon

Gland, Switzerland, 13.2.2001 IUCN-The World Conservation Union. Scientists and caviar traders have gathered for the first time to form an action plan to halt the rapid decline of the world's sturgeon species, highly valued for both caviar and meat. …  

13 Feb 2001 | News story
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Species Survival Commission unveils initiatives to boost the fight against species extinctions

Amman, Jordan 11.10.2000 (IUCN). Development of the most current and comprehensive information service about the status of plants and animals worldwide is underway to more effectively combat the escalating global species extinction crisis. …  

11 Oct 2000 | News story

IUCN resolution urges immediate action: greater law enforcement, increased funding, industry cooperation

Amman, Jordan, 11.10. 2000 (IUCN) - As the increasing hunting of freshwater turtles, antelopes, monkeys and many other wild animals pushes several species towards extinction, congress delegates from more than 100 countries have called for urgent action to tackle the unsustainable commercial trade in bushmeat. …  

11 Oct 2000 | News story

African Black Rhino in Ngorongoro.

African Rhino Numbers Increasing But No Room for Complacency

Gland, Switzerland, (IUCN-WWF) 07.08.2000 - Numbers of the two species of African rhinoceros, the black rhino (Diceros bicornis) and the white rhino (Ceratotherium simum) continue to increase in the wild according to new estimates announced today by IUCN - the World Conservation Union and WWF, the conservation organization. …  

07 Aug 2000 | News story

The Yangtze River dolphin, or baiji, is likely extinct. This male, Qi Qi, died several years ago after more than 15 years in captivity

Time is running out for freshwater dolphins say experts

Gland, Switzerland (IUCN) 06.07.2000. IUCN - The World Conservation Union is calling on governments, conservation organisations and journalists to support urgent international efforts to save a number of species of river dolphins and a species of porpoise which are facing imminent extinction. …  

06 Jul 2000 | News story

Parrots: Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan

New Action Plan to Help Save the World's Threatened Parrots

Gland, Switzerland 24.05.2000. IUCN-The World Conservation Union. The first ever Action Plan that aims to save the many parrot species threatened with extinction has been published after more than five years of research involving hundreds of scientists, organisations, and volunteers around the world. …  

24 May 2000 | News story

This image shows the courtship behavior of Indian Bull frogs (Holobatrachus tigerinus). During the monsoon, the breeding males become bright yellow in color, while females remain dull. The prominent blue vocal sacs of male produce strong nasal mating call.
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