Better knowledge about biodiversity, the threats it faces and the measures that can be taken to conserve it, helps drive action. IUCN gathers that knowledge, drafts and influences policies and laws, and runs field projects that show how to better manage our natural world for the benefit of both people and nature.

IUCN leads the way in nature conservation and sustainable development through a global partnership of:

SCIENCE – 11,000 experts generating new knowledge and setting global standards in their fields

ACTION – hundreds of conservation projects around the world

– the collective strength of more than 1,200 government and non-governmental organizations, who are Members of IUCN.

Hundreds of projects are underway around the world aimed at saving species and ecosystems and providing the knowledge needed for successful conservation action. IUCN's biodiversity conservation work is carried out by its various programmes including Water, Forests, Marine, Species, Ecosystem Management and Protected Areas.

For more information on what we're doing to conserve biodiversity and ecosystems, visit the IUCN Programme that is of interest to you.

IUCN Species Programme
IUCN Global Marine Programme
IUCN Water Programme
IUCN Forest Conservation Programme
IUCN Ecosystem Management Programme
IUCN Protected Areas Programme

You can check out the Save Our Species website here: