Post tropical storm Stan, Mexico

From the 16-19 June 2009, The Second Session of the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction will bring together a wide cross-section of the global disaster risk reduction community, including heads of state, senior ministers, UN agencies, NGOs, scientific and technical experts, and others. Under the slogan ‘invest today for a safer tomorrow’, a key focus at the event will be close scrutiny of the linkages between climate change adaptation, poverty and disaster risk reduction. Read more

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Lorena Aguilar, IUCN's Senior Gender Advisor

IUCN leading the way on gender and disaster risk reduction

Amongst the numerous voices at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction taking place in Geneva from 16 to 19 June, the voice of women was represented by IUCN and the Global Gender and Climate Alliance. …  

18 Jun 2009 | Audio

Woman in Mexico

How natural disasters affect women

When disasters strike, they do not discriminate. Everyone, without exception in the disaster zone will be affected. …  

17 Jun 2009 | News story