1. Create and animate an informal network of people sharing and learning about the integration of sustainability principles and practices into the cultures of their institutions of higher education;
  2. Provide this network with tools that they use to build an “on demand” source of case stories and resources that support further learning and action for sustainability integration;
  3. Create incentives for participants to become members of CEC;
  4. Create and refine incentives and opportunities for youth participation in the group’s activities;
  5. Establish a sourcebook of skills and expertise of the participants in the group.

Short-term plans

  • Develop a prototype web home for the group which provides a profile page for each member, a roster generator, sharing tools for case stories and resources, provision for connecting with other CEC Special Areas and Regional pages, provision for engagement with youth participants, and some guidance on how to use the tools.
  • Recruit a small feedback group with diverse perspectives to develop this prototype web home
  • Seed the site with some initial resources and examples of how it can work
  • Develop and send an invitation to participate
  • Create an assessment and management process to reform the space in response to userneeds and interests
  • Establish roles for members to help manage and evolve the usefulness and relevance of the learning spaces.

In the long-term, this group aims to extend this learning community beyond educational institutions to other kinds of institutions interested in integrating sustainability principles and practices more deeply into their operations and activities, e.g. IUCN offices and secondary schools.