Europe is a crucial region for IUCN. Home to the European Union (EU) – the world’s largest development aid donor – the region’s influence goes beyond its territorial boundaries. Over the years, the EU has been recognized for its leadership role in international environmental and climate governance.

The IUCN Programme 2013-2016 provides the framework for all IUCN’s action around the world. In Europe, North and Central Asia, IUCN is currently reviewing its operations and will soon develop an Implementation Plan for the IUCN Programme 2013-2016 in the region. This plan will identify the concrete actions to be undertaken by the IUCN constituency – Members, Commissions and Secretariat – during the next four years, following the three priority areas identified in the Global Programme:

  • Valuing and conserving nature
  • Fair and effective governance of nature's use
  • Deploying nature-based solutions to global challenges (climate, food and development)

IUCN’s mission is to influence societies to conserve nature. IUCN in Europe has a special role in bringing together a wide range of actors and providing platforms for them to discuss and act on the most pressing issues of our time. Our aim is to connect IUCN Members and their National Committees with other actors in the environmental community and beyond to shape a better future for biodiversity and human beings.

IUCN’s work in Europe, North and Central Asia and the EU overseas territories is founded on three main pillars: