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Conserving the grasslands of northern Kenya for people and wildlife

Striking a balance

There’s a growing realisation that successful conservation comes from strengthening governance processes and involving the people who live with and depend on nature. In northern Kenya, IUCN and partners, with support from UKaid and other donors, are helping to secure a future for endangered Grevy’s zebra and the people who share a land with this iconic species. …  

01 Oct 2011 | News story

On their way creating awareness about conservation and IUCN

Bicycle Rally from Far West to East of Nepal

With support from IUCN Nepal, under the project ‘Improving Natural Resource Governance for Rural Poverty Reduction’, funded by DFID, a month long Bicycle Rally from Mahakali to Mechi was successfully completed on 22 December 2010. With the main objective of creating awareness about Climate Change, Bio-diversity Conservation and Environmental Governance at the local level, two students from Institute of Forestry, Pokhara, Nepal, started their awareness campaign from Gaddachouki of Kanchanpur (Far West) on 26 November 2010 and completed the rally at Mechi Bridge in Eastern Nepal. …  

04 Jan 2011 | Article
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NRG workshop in Kapasia

Working to secure livelihoods and improve natural resource management

Natural resources such as fish, water, wood and wildlife are of paramount importance to the livelihoods of millions of people but in many cases, local people have little say in how these are managed. IUCN is leading a major international project to help engage local communities in decision making to ensure equitable and sustainable use of the environment.

09 Oct 2010 | Event

Women participants mapping the natural resources in their local area

Project Update July 2010: Improving Governance of Natural Resources for Poverty Reduction

IUCN has strengthened local institutions and fostered positive, meaningful linkages between communities and governments for improved natural resources governance in several countries. 2009-2010 accomplishments of its Improving Governance of Natural Resources for Poverty Reduction Project include: …  

30 Jun 2010 | Project description