EU Policy

EU policy is at the heart of nature conservation, climate change and sustainable development efforts across Europe. It not only impacts the region but has influences far beyond its borders. With strong policies that are implemented effectively, the EU can lead the way on the global stage to halt and reverse biodiversity loss.  

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Our presence in Brussels is particularly crucial as it enables IUCN to inform policy-making in collaboration with EU institutions and key stakeholders, and to connect with Members and partners across Europe. Over the years, IUCN Europe has built close relationships with the EU institutions as well as NGOs, socio-economic and industry representatives and other IUCN Members and partners.

IUCN is actively working on biodiversity protection including protected areas and species, agriculture, marine pollution, nature-based solutions, overseas territories, and other issues. The Secretariat engages with key stakeholders in important sectoral policy processes that too often drive biodiversity loss. These include sustainable agricultural practices (also in relation with the EU Common Agriculture Policy), nature-based solutions for environmental challenges such as climate change, the Circular Economy and marine pollution, and closer cooperation with the private and public sectors. The latter is also of interest in the context of sustainable use and the creation of markets for sustainable businesses and products as well as the integration of natural capital into investment and business decisions.

Spotlight on policy priorities

EU biodiversity policy

Conservation of the nature is at the heart of IUCN’s work. The EU Biodiversity Strategy is the key policy guide for the Union, and IUCN supports both its adequate and swift implementation, as well as the development of the new policy framework, both at EU and at international levels.

EU agriculture policy

Agriculture is an important aspect of biodiversity conservation and sustainable agriculture is essential for food security and reversing declining biodiversity.

EU circular economy policy

On the topic of the circular economy, IUCN is following a number of EU policy discussions, focusing on the key areas under the new Circular Economy Action Plan.

The European Habitats Forum

The European Habitats Forum (EHF) assembles leading European nature conservation organisations to provide advice on the implementation and future development of EU biodiversity policy, including improving integration into sectoral policies. The European Regional Office act as secretariat for the EHF.

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