Island in Kadavu, FijiPhoto: Island in Kadavu, Fiji. PC BIODEV Fiji/IUCN Oceania


BIODEV2030 is an experimental approach implemented in 16 pilot countries with multiple socioeconomic, environmental and geographic contexts. It aims to provide the governments of each country with the means to identify and lead, along with the private sector and civil society, profound changes in those sectors of the economy with a strategic impact on development and on the biodiversity of the country.

  • Diagnosis

    Establishing a scientific assessment of threats to biodiversity at national level and analysing the potential for reducing impacts and restoring ecosystems in order to identify priorities for action.

  • Dialogue

    Favouring the emergence of a common vision and reaching voluntary sector commitments through multi-stakeholder dialogue.

  • Commitment

    To accompany the emergence of a common vision and make sector commitments in favour of biodiversity for key sectors of the economy and encourage their integration into the action plans